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Rep. Jordan releases agenda to take on Big Tech, hold it accountable for censorship

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan announced Wednesday an agenda by House Judiciary committee Republicans to take on Big Tech to create more transparency, strengthen antitrust enforcement, and hold companies accountable for supposed censorship against conservatives.

“Big Tech is out to get conservatives,” Jordan, a ranking member of the committee, wrote in a statement Wednesday. “This document expands on the Republican framework and presents specific proposals that will speed up and strengthen antitrust enforcement, hold Big Tech accountable for its censorship, and increase transparency around Big Tech’s decisions.”

One of the actions against Big Tech is to increase the speed at which Congress can apply antitrust scrutiny to companies. The plan would speed up antitrust trials by making direct appeals to the Supreme Court. House Judiciary Republicans would also empower state attorneys general, which would allow them to use the same fast-track procedures available to the federal government to litigate antitrust cases in an optimal timeframe.

“Our plan subjects Big Tech to legal accountability for its censorship,” Jordan wrote in the statement. “Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are functionally the public square of the digital age. It is wrong that these platforms control and censor speech with impunity.”

Jordan said Big Tech must also be subjected to further transparency by having companies list their content moderation policies on a publically available website. Jordan did not specify when the committee would enact any of the steps in the proposal.


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