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Border Crisis3 hours ago

Biden Sends Back 27 Cuban Rafters amid Deadly Communist Oppression

Health4 hours ago

Nancy Pelosi Surrenders, Resorts to Calling McCarthy ‘Moron’ While Failing to Provide Scientific Justification for Nonsensical Remasking

Politics4 hours ago

‘Complicit’: Meet the 18 Republicans Who Sold Out on Radical Democrat ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Without Reading Bill

democrate10 hours ago

Top Democrat Donor Ed Buck Found Guilty in Fatal Drugs-for-Sex Cases

Politics2 days ago

WATCH: Lara Trump eviscerates Biden says has “a hard time figuring out exactly where he is”

Donald Trump2 days ago

BREAKING: Trump has some questions for Pelosi to investigate with her Jan 6th commission

Hunter Biden2 days ago

White House says buyers of Hunter Biden’s paintings will remain anonymous

california2 days ago

Unconstitutional: CA Gov. Newsom’s order barring in-person private school classes, says 9th Circuit

Federal Agency2 days ago

Tucker Carlson was ‘unmasked’ by NSA, internal investigation finds

Federal Agency2 days ago

DOJ agrees that Durham’s report should be released to the public when complete

Congress2 days ago

McCarthy refers to Cheney and Kinzinger as ‘Pelosi Republicans’

Donald Trump2 days ago

Trump endorses Paxton over Bush in fight for Texas attorney general

Hunter Biden2 days ago

Hunter Biden Art Sham Gets Shadier As It’s Revealed His Art Dealer Wanted to Be ‘Lead Guy in China’

Joe Biden2 days ago

Biden’s DOJ Drops Charges, Releases 5 Chinese Spies [VIDEO]

Congress2 days ago

McCarthy Says He’s Considering Punishment for ‘Pelosi Republicans’ on Jan. 6 Committee

Arizona Audit2 weeks ago

Arizona state senator calls for new presidential election, says Biden electors should be recalled

Arizona Audit2 weeks ago

Massive Fraud Found In Maricopa County Prompting State Senator To Call For A New Election In Arizona

Congress5 days ago

BREAKING: House Freedom Caucus calls for Pelosi’s Chair to be Vacated

Arizona Audit2 weeks ago

“We found thousands of duplicated ballots with missing serial numbers in Maricopa”

Culture3 weeks ago

Actress Megan Fox Insists On Sending 8-year-Old Son to School in a Dress Even Though He’s “Viciously Bullied”

Media3 weeks ago

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Bashed for July 4th Stunt Gone Viral

Donald Trump4 weeks ago

Trump Asks “Who Shot Ashli Babbitt?” in New Statement

Arizona Audit2 weeks ago

Arizona audit finds discrepancy in Maricopa County ballot count, says AZ Senate President

Donald Trump3 weeks ago

Trump set to attend UFC event Saturday featuring Conor McGregor, who called Trump “Quite possibly the USA GOAT”

Capitol Riot2 weeks ago

Trump Slams Feds Over Mystery Shooter of Ashley Babbitt…Decries Treatment of January 6th Prisoners During Interview With Maria Bartiromo

News5 days ago

Trump supporter ignoring judge’s order to remove anti-Biden signs from yard

Congress1 week ago

17 Republican Anti-Trump Traitors Who MUST Go

Capitol Riot5 days ago

This Trump Supporter Says FBI Informant Invited and “Encouraged” Him to Attend Jan 6 Riot

Nation3 weeks ago

ND Governor Slams Biden Regime After Suing Feds Over “Foolish Idea” to Block Oil, Gas Leases Causing $100M in Losses

Government2 weeks ago

January 6 inmates endure ‘human rights violations on a daily basis,’ bail motion alleges

Iran Protests2 days ago

Protests break out in Iran… Mullahs are losing control…

Dr. Rand Paul4 days ago

[VIDEO] Rand Paul Recounts Being Attacked In DC: ‘The Police Saved Our Lives’

Congress4 days ago

[VIDEO] Jesse Watters: Meet corrupt congressman Eric Swalwell

Joe Biden5 days ago

[VIDEO] ‘Really, Really Disturbing’: Lisa Murkowski Expresses Shock At Biden Nominee’s Past

Border Crisis5 days ago

[VIDEO] Farmers seek payment from WH for border crisis damage

Crime6 days ago

[VIDEO] ‘The Five’ reacts to Biden’s claims that GOP is ‘lying’ about Dems’ support of ‘defunding police’

Nancy Pelosi6 days ago

[VIDEO] Scalise Accuses Pelosi Of Attempting To Create ‘Kangaroo Court’ After Jim Jordan, Jim Banks Refusals

california7 days ago

[VIDEO] ‘The Five’ reacts to rise in shoplifting, theft plaguing Democrat-led cities

Jen Psaki7 days ago

[VIDEO] Ted Cruz Mocks Jen Psaki, Castigates Democrats Over ‘Defund The Police’ Claims

democrate1 week ago

[VIDEO] Tucker uncovers Eric Swalwel’s ‘suspicious’ campaign expenditures

Border Crisis1 week ago

[VIDEO] ‘Shocking’ footage of migrants forcing way past border

COVID1 week ago

[VIDEO] Fiery Clash Between Rand Paul And Dr. Fauci, Each Accuses The Other Of Lying

Border Crisis1 week ago

[VIDEO] Tucker gives ‘surprising’ update on report military is transporting migrants

democrate1 week ago

[VIDEO] ‘Doesn’t Sit Right’: Tuberville Takes Aim At Pelosi, Schumer Over Infrastructure Bill Inclusions

brian stelter1 week ago

[VIDEO] Tucker reacts to Brian Stelter being ‘roasted’ by guest on his own show

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