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Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on CNN’s ‘New Day’ on Wednesday and host John Berman asked Dr. Fauci if Tucker Carlson’s questions about the covid vaccines were causing vaccine hesitancy among his viewers and potentially others.

Berman asked ” “You know that there’s this issue of vaccine hesitancy out there, broadly speaking not just about Johnson & Johnson but about vaccines in general. One of the reasons is — is some of the things people say. And last night — I want to read you, I don’t want to play it because I’m not sure that helps the cause here of saving lives, something that TV personality Tucker Carlson said on TV about vaccines in general.”

“He said if the vaccine — if vaccines are effective, there’s no reason for people who have received the vaccine to wear masks or avoid physical contact. So maybe it doesn’t work and they are simply not telling you that. Let me repeat that again. So maybe it doesn’t work and they’re simply not telling you that. What do you have to say to Tucker Carlson?”

Fauci then replied “Yeah. That’s just a typical crazy conspiracy theory. Why wouldn’t we tell people if it doesn’t work. Look at the data. The data are overwhelming in the three vaccines that have been approved for use in an emergency use authorization. The J&J, the Pfizer, and the Moderna, you had 30,000, 44,000, and 40,000 people in the clinical trial with an overwhelming signal of efficacy. So I don’t have any idea what he’s talking about.”

Berman again pressed Fauci on Carlson “How dangerous is it for a TV personality like that who does have an audience of millions to speculate about something like that?”

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So rather than address Carlson’s concerns about vaccines and continued mask wearing the feckless doctor replied “Well, it’s certainly not helpful to the public health of this nation or even globally. You know, I don’t want to get into arguments about Tucker Carlson, but to me it’s just — you know, it’s counter to what we’re trying accomplish, to protect the safety and the health of the American public.”

Well as you might expect tonight Tucker Carlson fired back “For months now, we have been asking a very straightforward question about the Coronavirus vaccine. Why do people who take it — and by the way, why do people who have been previously infected and show high levels of antibodies — have to live under the restrictions that the vaccines were supposed to eliminate?”

“Why, for example, does Tony Fauci say you have to wear a mask after you get the vaccine? If we are following the science, and we sincerely hope to, as we are wondering, is Fauci telling Americans who have been vaccinated or who have been recovered from the Coronavirus itself, that they aren’t protected against future infections?”

“Is that why he is saying they can’t eat in restaurants or go to bars? These are not trick questions,” Tucker concluded.

Tucker Carlson makes some excellent points here and Dr. Anthony Fauci would be wise to answer his questions as they are the same questions millions of Americans are asking.



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