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Security Guard hired by California TV Station shot while covering downtown robbery

Security Guard hired by Oakland TV Station shot while covering downtown robbery

how is that defund police working out asking for a friend;

Nothing to see here citizen, keep moving. Just another day in Biden’s Amerika;

I hope the media pays more often for their lies and misinformation, instead of law-abiding citizens. They pushed for lawlessness and it is good to see some of those people pay that has made citizens suffer under the tyrannical blue regimes;

So far it’s working, DemonRat voters killing each other;

Wild Rashida tlaib wants to empty all the prisons. that’s your Democrat leaders;

Do you idiots hear yourselves? It is common practice to send security with reporters in the bay area. Why don’t you do a story on that? I know where I live news reporters don’t need armed security to protect their equipment and people. But we also have law and order that keeps @$$ hats in line: Followers’ Comments.



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