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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Bashed for July 4th Stunt Gone Viral

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg posted a video on July 4th to celebrate America. It’s not what anyone would expect, and it got mixed reviews on social media. Most comments below the video bashed the Facebook founder (see below).

The stunt Zuckerberg pulled is reportedly hard to do, so we’ll give him that, but that music he played with the video is a complete mismatch.

Some of the comments hit the mark:

-Why is Zuckerberg, a man that HATES America and HATES our constitution, is holding an American flag? Or did he mistake it for the Chinese flag?

-He waves it around, but he doesn’t understand what it is all about, or his website wouldn’t censor decent Americans speaking their mind.

-Is this supposed to deflect away from Zuck’s role in funding election fraud?

-Who is he trying to impress? Pathetic Kapo. He has a lot of nerve pretending to be a patriotic American.

What are your thoughts on Zuckerberg’s stunt?

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