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Imaad Zuberi, a major Democratic fundraiser facing 12 years in prison, has filed an extraordinary complaint with the CIA’s chief watchdog alleging he witnessed “flagrant problems, abuses, violations of law” while working as an asset for U.S. intelligence, according to documents and interviews.

Zuberi, of Los Angeles, recently hired the CIA’s retired acting general counsel Robert J. Eatinger Jr. to review his case and help to appeal his conviction on a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

After reviewing evidence, including secret communications between Zuberi and his alleged CIA handlers that were enumerated in a secret Classified Information Protection Act filing in his criminal case, Eatinger prepared and delivered two complaints to the CIA inspector general earlier this month.

Shortly afterwards, the former CIA lawyer faxed letters to key members of the House and Senate intelligence committees alerting them to the allegations and offering to share a confidential summary if the IG did not formally open a probe.

New Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes and CIA Director William Burns also were alerted to the complaints, according to the congressional letters reviewed by Just the News.

Eatinger, a highly respected intelligence community lawyer who retired from the CIA about a decade ago, used unmistakable language drawn from intelligence laws to describe to Congress the nature of Zuberi’s allegations.

He wrote that he had “submitted two reports to the Acting Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that contained complaints or information regarding serious or flagrant problems, abuses, violations of law or executive order, or deficiencies relating to the funding administration or operations of an intelligence activity.”

He added that if the CIA did not confirm it “will forward the reports to the intelligence committees within 14 days, we will do so directly.”  

Zuberi’s legal team spokesman, Chad Kolton, declined comment. A spokesman for the CIA did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment Wednesday night.

Eatinger’s letter to Congress did not formally identify Zuberi, but rather stated he was taking the action on “behalf of a U.S. citizen client.” But multiple sources confirmed to Just the News that the information in the IG complaints involved Zuberi and that his name appeared in the memos.

For two decades, Zuberi was a larger-than-life figure on the political stage, hobnobbing with Republicans and Democrats alike from California to Washington as he raised millions for campaigns and globe-trotted with a successful international business. He rubbed elbows with Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, all the while keeping his relationship with the CIA mum. 

Just the News reported last month that as he worked as a bundler raising millions for Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and Donald Trump’s inaugural committee, Zuberi had been working as an asset for U.S. intelligence on counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations across the globe dating to the early 2000s. His intelligence community relationship first came to light when a secret CIPA filing was mentioned in an unsealed court filing in his criminal case. The Wall Street Journal recently confirmed Just the News’ reporting.

But Zuberi’s world came crashing down when prosecutors began investigating whether his money to the Trump inauguration came from foreign sources. In the end, it did not. But prosecutors found other crimes involving illegal foreign and straw donations, tax violations and a foreign lobbying infraction. Zuberi agreed to plead guilty late last year and then he was sentenced in February to 12 years in prison, one of the harshest sentences ever for campaign and lobbying offenses. The unexpected sentence prompted him to appeal, and hire Eatinger to take lead.

The specter of a major political donor — now convicted of a federal felony — secretly working for the CIA seems ripped from a Hollywood script. The fact that the CIA’s former top spy lawyer joined his legal team only added to the movie-like storyline.

But the IG complaints raise more serious issues, including the possibility that American political figures, U.S. citizens and a news organization may have been used wittingly or unwittingly for espionage operations.

According to multiple sources familiar with the complaints, Eatinger alleged to the inspector general that Zuberi:

  • was instructed at times by U.S. intelligence to glean information from or try to achieve certain tasks with select members of Congress, including one prominent Republican U.S. senator. The CIA is not supposed to target, spy on or influence members of Congress.
  • was involved in a clandestine operation that used an American journalism organization to carry out countermeasures and influence operations in a foreign country. The CIA is not supposed to use journalism organizations or journalists for operational cover.
  • was asked by a senior CIA officer to make a private investment in an American drone company even as Zuberi was under criminal investigation by the Justice Department.
  • observed what he believed was a U.S. intelligence asset become involved in Zuberi’s lobbying project in Sri Lanka, a project that resulted in criminal charges against Zuberi involving the Foreign Agent Registration Act.
  • was asked by U.S. intelligence to allow a scrub team to delete emails, documents and other evidence of his intelligence work from his computer only later to be accused by the U.S. Justice Department of obstructing justice with the deletion.


Joe Biden

Retired General Warns ‘The Situation Is Worsening’ as Biden’s Woke Military Invites Enemies to Attack



This should be the wake-up call the woke military needs.

Judging by the headlines of the Joe Biden presidency, the U.S. military has been consumed with strategies for battling the white supremacy boogeyman, pushing coronavirus vaccinations, and making the world safe for pregnant Air Force pilots.

They’re all liberal causes that meet the current political moment, but for one retired general, they’re an invitation to war — and the rest of the country should be listening.



In a commentary piece published Thursday by The Federalist, retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Greg Newbold laid out a convincing case for how the military’s current obsession with liberal priorities is actually placing the country in danger.

While no serious observer can dispute the technological advantages enjoyed by the world’s most powerful country, Newbold pointed out that technology doesn’t win wars. Soldiers do — and their counterparts in other branches.

To be clear, nothing Newbold wrote could be taken as a criticism of the more than 1 million men and women who actually make up the armed forces — and nothing here is intended to do so. For decades, as history shows, dictators the world over have learned to their sorrow about the fighting power of the United States.

But too many brave Americans have died in the process. And, Newbold noted, the primary function of a military is not so much winning a war, but convincing potential foes that, if they’re foolish enough to start one, they’re going to lose badly.

That’s not the image of strength the armed forces are projecting under the Biden administration, when military bases have hosted host drag shows, or even drag storytimes for kids. It’s not even the image the military is pretending to recruit for (whatever the merits of lesbian weddings, they don’t instill fear in the nation’s foes).

“When enemies read of male soldiers wearing pregnancy suits and high heels, required ‘sensitivity’ training, ‘Emma and her two moms’ recruiting videos, ‘safe spaces’ from the pressures of introductory training, the dilution of our ground combat forces, and transgender special treatment, they judge these actions not by our standards, but by their own,” Newbold wrote.

“These policies may play well in the salons on the U.S coasts, but they most decidedly do not impress the audiences in China, North Korea, Russia, or Iran. This was not the case even a dozen years ago, and the situation is worsening.”

Democrats and their mainstream media allies spent four years viciously attacking President Donald Trump, but his willingness to engage and defeat the country’s enemies was unquestionable.

The “caliphate” of the Islamic State group was all but destroyed, after flourishing like a malignant tumor during the Obama presidency. The murderous mullahs of Iran were faced with the relentless pressure of sanctions that hobbled the Islamic Republic’s economy.

And while there was, blessedly, no military conflict with China under Trump, the communist dictatorship knew well that the 45th president was a formidable opponent in trade wars.

But during the Biden presidency, “strength” seems to be gauged by how aggressively top military leaders are promoting critical race theory.

It’s important to note that Newbold’s criticisms cross party lines. Back in 2006, he was making headlines in The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets for a TIME Magazine piece he wrote castigating then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

His here-and-now criticisms of the Biden presidency are dead-on:

“Here’s a test case: Will China be more or less emboldened to seize Taiwan if they misjudge the strength and grit of our military? Here’s a further test case: Will Russian President Vladimir Putin conclude that our forces are not as tough as Russian soldiers, and will that assessment further allow him to expand on his seizure of the Crimea in 2014?

“Don’t forget our allies and those nations sitting on the fence. If they perceive U.S. weakness, are they more or less likely to align with our foreign policy objectives?

“Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis had it right. There should be only one measurable standard for our defense policies and priorities: Does the action make us more or less lethal?”

That doesn’t appear to be the priority of the Biden military.

Midterm elections that could end the current gossamer-thin Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate are only 15 months away. Every American who cares about the country’s future should be determined to vote, and get others to vote, to make sure Republicans win both houses of Congress.

But the presidential election, which can’t help but act as a referendum on Joe Biden, or whatever Democrat is running in his place, is three years off.

Until then, a Democrat will remain as commander in chief of the military, with all the wokeness — and weakness — that the word “Democrat” entails in the second decade of the 21st century.

And that makes the danger of war more real than what any liberal cause of the moment will be.

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FBI aggressively seeking tipsters in Jan. 6 probe, despite spotty track record fielding terror tips



For weeks following the January 6 Capitol breach, the FBI encouraged anyone believing they could identify a member of the Capitol mob to share the information with the bureau. In the past six months, dozens of participants in the riot have been turned in to the FBI by friends, neighbors, and family members. The Washington Post has detailed accounts of adult children who reported their parents and neighbors who called in faces they recognized, just days after the episode.

In early July, the FBI’s official Twitter account sent out a message encouraging “family members and peers” of potentially violent extremists, to learn “how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI.” While the FBI continues its aggressive pursuit of members of the January 6 mob based on tips provided by civilians and loved ones — the bureau has not always been so assiduous in soliciting or following up often critical tips about potential violent extremists from informants, allies, and members of the broader community.

Here are five notorious examples of FBI failure to follow through on tips about potentially violent extremists and gunmen:

1. Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando: In 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old American of Afghan descent, killed 49 people and injured an additional 53 at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. The Pulse nightclub shooting was the single deadliest shooting by a single gunman in United States history until the Las Vegas Strip massacre more than a year later.

What the public did not learn until well into the trial of the estranged wife of the terrorist was that Mateen’s father Seddique Mateen — an immigrant from Afghanistan who hosted an anti-American talk show during which he often praised the Taliban — acted as an FBI informant for 11 years prior to his son’s shooting rampage.

It remains unknown exactly what the elder Mateen informed the FBI about. However, it has been established that the younger Mateen was twice interviewed by the FBI and twice released prior to the Pulse rampage.

Mateen’s mosque had contacted the FBI to share concerns about the young man, and coworkers had contacted both the FBI and a local sheriff’s office to express fear that he could be a threat to public safety. 

2. The 9/11 “20th hijacker”: In the summer of 2001, the FBI field office in Minneapolis received a tip from instructors at the Pan Am flight school near Minneapolis-St. Paul reporting that a male student who spoke poor English had shown up and requested flight lessons for a 747 jet. On Aug. 15, 2001, FBI agents arrived at Zacarias Moussaoui’s hotel, but ultimately left after briefly questioning him.

Earlier that year, a report from a Phoenix, Ariz. field agent raised questions about a number of Middle Eastern men who had enrolled in flight school. The report was buried by the FBI’s bureaucracy, as was the Minnesota office’s request to probe Moussaoui’s laptop and personal belongings — despite a French intelligence report shared with American agents that would, as one French justice official put it, “make you want to check this guy out every way you can.”

“Anyone paying attention would have seen he was not only operational in the militant Islamist world but had some autonomy and authority as well,” continued the official.

For weeks, officials at FBI headquarters undermined the Minnesota office’s attempts to gain permission to obtain a warrant to wiretap and search the computer and belongings of Moussaoui. 

Only after the attack on the World Trade Centers did it become clear just what the FBI had missed, when Minnesota Special Agent Coleen Rowley wrote a letter that made its way to D.C. describing what had occurred in her office. 

It is unclear whether Moussaoui was meant to be a part of the 9/11 attack, or whether he was going to participate in a different terror plot. There is no hard evidence that any of the 9/11 hijackers corresponded directly with Moussaoui, however post-attack investigation yielded letters from al-Qaeda operatives and a notebook that connected him to one of the attackers.

Rowley, whose FBI supervisor went on to be promoted, wrote in her letter: “It’s at least possible we could have gotten lucky and uncovered one or two more of the terrorists in flight training prior to Sept. 11. There is at least some chance that … may have limited the Sept. 11th attacks and resulting loss of life.”

3. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing: In 2011, Russian authorities warned the FBI about Tamerlan Tsarnev, one of the two Chechen brothers who carried out the bombing that killed three people and wounded more than 260.

Authorities missed chances to detain Tsarnev, despite reports that the Russian intelligence agency FSB had contacted the FBI more than a year prior to the bombing, to warn that Tsarnev had known associations with militant Islamic radicals.

A report from NBC News found that the FBI had opened an investigation of Tsarnev, that he was interviewed in person, and that a memo was sent to the Customs and Border Protection database that would, in theory, trigger a notification when he left or reentered the country. The FBI closed the investigation in June 2011, though the FSB continued to warn U.S. intelligence agencies.

4. Parkland school shooting: Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old gunman whose shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 people dead, had been called to the FBI’s attention on two separate occasions before the attack he carried out. He was also the subject of dozens of previous 911 calls.

In September 2017, Cruz left a comment on a YouTube video posted by a Mississippi bail bondsman. He wrote, “Im going to be a professional school shooter.” Ben Bennight, the bondsman, alerted the FBI in addition to reporting the comment. The bureau followed up with Bennight, but not with Cruz.

The second tip came just weeks before the shooting in early January 2018. A caller who agents say was close to the suspect warned the FBI that Cruz had a “desire to kill people,” leaving the caller deeply concerned about “the potential of him conducting a school shooting.” 

That information never reached the Miami field office. In the days after the shooting, the bureau said that “protocols were not followed.” 

5. Fort Hood massacre: The FBI ignored warnings about Nidal Hasan, the former Army major who killed 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009. Hasan had expressed his support for suicide bomb attacks and civilian killings during correspondence with known terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, a propagandist for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Members of two FBI anti-terrorism task forces saw emails between Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, and al-Awlaki beginning nearly a year before the attack. Hasan at the time was researching the effects of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, which led the two task forces to forego opening a formal investigation.

FBI agents in San Diego asked the bureau’s Washington field office to speak to Hasan’s bosses when they discovered Hasan had been in contact with al-Awlaki, a former resident of San Diego. But, according to a report compiled by former FBI Director William Webster, the FBI agents in Washington felt that interviewing American Muslims like Hasan who visit extremist websites was a sensitive issue. They refrained from contacting Hasan’s bosses at DOD.

“It shows you the length of the political correctness stuff going on,” said Congressman Mike McCaul (R-Texas) at the time.

FBI-agent-turned-whistleblower Jane Turner cites two systemic flaws to explain the recurring FBI misses like those outlined above: “The management system in the bureau, and the absolute absence of oversight.” 

She described the management culture inside the agency as “kiss up, kick down,” an insular network in which “good ole boys” protect their own and career advancement is predicated not so much “on what you know, but on who you know.”

Turner sees the obvious failures in communication as part of a broader pattern involving the 56 field offices around the country and their relationship with FBI Headquarters in Washington.

None of the Special Agents in Charge (SAC) are inclined to “open themselves up to the liability” of opening a difficult and far-reaching investigation or calling a significant issue to the attention of the top dogs, she said. “Each prince has his territory,” she said of the 56 SACs who run the field offices, “and it’s best not to get in trouble.”

When a big failure does occur, as in the five cases cited above, “it’s handled by upper management,” and because of that dynamic and the aforementioned lack of oversight “nothing ever changes,” she lamented.

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Border Crisis

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‘The Five’ slams Democrats push to add amnesty to infrastructure bill.

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