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Nobody on earth thinks Kamala Harris is smart.

She’s a dumb lady.

And she’s an arrogant woman as well. She thinks she’s too good to “prepare” for things. We’ve heard rumors that Kamala doesn’t read her briefings, and that’s why she stammers and makes up “word salads” when she’s speaking.

There’s never been a time when Kamala sounded “prepared” or insightful. She stumbles and bumbles her way through all of her remarks and she comes off very insecure with that nervous cackling and just an all-around dumb and ditzy persona.

It’s no wonder she had to drop out of her presidential political race early.

Kamala was so bad in the Dem primary, that the math-nerd Andrew Yang was more popular.


Recently, Kamala traveled to Poland and Romania, where she made a complete bungling fool of herself and the country on the world’s stage.

She came home and did it again with this bizarre speech where she kept repeating the phrase “the passage of time” in the most awkward way possible.

Kamala is a train wreck. That’s not to say Joe isn’t, but at least he has an excuse… he obviously has dementia or Alzheimer’s.

And that brings us to Newt Gingrich, who took one of the sharpest jabs ever at Kamala.

Newt says we all have to “pray” for Joe Biden’s health, because if we end up with Kamala as “president,” it’s curtains for us because as Newt says, she’s the “dumbest person” ever installed as VP.

Newt’s prayer plan may hit a snag.

It’s really starting to feel as if the top Handlers are ready to kick Joe to the curb.

Sure, Kamala is a laughingstock, and nobody takes her seriously, but one thing she has going for her is that she is NOT Joe Biden… and that might be enough for now.



GOP Introduces Resolution To Remove Kamala Harris From Role As Border Czar: “A nation without borders is no nation at all”



Republican Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson made a big move and introduced a resolution calling for Vice President Kamala Harris to be removed from her position as border czar. The resolution has 26 co-sponsors.

Jackson said: “Instead of working for the American people, Kamala Harris has worked against us by ignoring her responsibilities as Border Czar. Rather than doing her job, Harris sits back and watches as illegal immigration skyrockets, countless people at home and abroad are victimized by drug and human trafficking, and CBP officers are left without resources or support from the Biden Administration.

“Make no mistake – Harris’ approach is by design, and she must be stopped. It is past time for Joe Biden to remove her from the Border Czar role and appoint someone who will put Americans’ interests first. A nation without borders is no nation at all.

“We need a real leader at the helm who will secure our southern border, and, in-turn, our country’s bright future.

“A single canned photo op and pointless foreign trips to Northern Triangle countries on the taxpayers’ dime are not cutting it.

“I urge Speaker Pelosi to bring my resolution to the House Floor immediately, for the American peoples’ sake.

The resolution says:

“Resolved, that the House of Representatives urges the Biden administration to remove Vice President Kamala Harris as the head of any executive branch task force or strategy relating to immigration.

“Appoint an experienced and competent leader to replace Vice President Kamala Harris as the head of the Biden administration’s strategy to address the root causes of migration.

“Recognize that border security is national security.

“Immediately provide U.S. Customs and Bor-5der Protection with the adequate support and resources to do their job effectively and adequately.

“Take action to protect American communities from fentanyl.

“And stop allowing politics in Washington to cloud their judgment regarding policies implemented at our southern border,” the resolution says.

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Joe Biden

Kamala Harris SLAMS Biden In New Book.. Implies His Administration Is Racist



In New York Times Reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns’ new book  “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” the authors paint a negative picture of President Biden’s relationship with his Vice President, Kamala Harris.

The book, which is set to release soon, alleges that Harris was frustrated with Biden when he appointed her ‘Immigration Czar’, saying that she desired a more ‘softball’ assignment such as maintaining diplomatic relations with Nordic countries.

The book also claims that Biden’s ‘white inner circle’ looked down on Harris, implying that Biden and his top officials are racist.

Martin and Burns also claim that the now famous picture of Harris in black Converse sneakers that was featured on the cover of ‘Vogue’ was seen as ‘belittling’ by her office.

The Daily Mail Reports–

“Kamala Harris was not happy with Joe Biden appointing her to address the southern border crisis, wanting a more softball foreign policy assignment, and thinks the president’s ‘white inner circle’ looks down on her, according to claims made in a new book.

During an April meeting with Congressional Black Caucus leaders, Biden praised Harris and said she would do ‘a hell of a job’ handling immigration.

‘The vice president corrected him at once,’ New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns wrote in their new upcoming book This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.

‘Excuse me,’ she said, ‘it’s the Northern Triangle — not immigration.”

The book also explains that the first minority and female vice president felt belittled by Biden’s white staff.

‘Some of Harris’s advisers believed the president’s almost entirely white inner circle did not show the vice president the respect she deserved,’ they wrote.

‘Harris worried that Biden’s staff looked down on her; she fixated on real and perceived snubs in ways the West Wing found tedious,’ they added, according to excerpts published by Politico on Tuesday.

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Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Makes Concerning Statement To The World – On Video She Apparently Claims Ukraine Is A NATO Country



Plenty of critics have questioned the U.S.’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Joe Biden has made big boasts against Putin’s actions. But aside from sanctions (and promises of support), we’ve yet to see a strong sign from the administration that they mean business. We know they aren’t taking this seriously enough. Why?

Because they keep sending Kamala Harris to Europe.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have to admit Harris is not the best person to deal with this. She isn’t even the best person on Biden’s team (if there is a best person, at all). The woman makes as many gaffes as old Joe. And, while discussing the tense and critical situation overseas, makes an obvious mistake.

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