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Black Lives Matter

[VIDEO] In Just 43 Seconds This Black Guy Exposed BLM as a “Total Scam”

This has to be a record – an entire movement completely dismantled in 43 seconds-flat? Call Guinness Book of World Records…

That’s exactly what happened when a black man was asked what he thought about the Marxist group Black Lives Matter, and in just under one minute he completely destroyed them.

He called them out for being a total scam – which they are – what have they done with all that money that they’ve raked in?

What community clean-up programs and kids programs have they started? Have they restored depredated homes or given out business grants for black startups?

They’re filthy rich.

I haven’t heard of anything – but I did hear that one of the founders of BLM has like 4 houses.

Again, they’re filthy rich…

Must be nice, right? Making millions off of pain and suffering and giving nothing back.

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Seems fitting though…Communist leaders always live like royalty, while the peasants starve and fight in the streets.

This is a must-watch 43-seconds:

This man gets it, and a lot of people are waking up to what a total scam BLM truly is.

All that movement is doing is making elites richer and dividing the country.

And, if they don’t have turmoil and angst, they will miss a paycheck. Remember BLM is a “business” and their revenue is pain, death, and destruction.

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