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Ugandan Family That Illegally Crossed Border From Mexico Into Texas Is Caught On Camera Boarding American Airlines Flight With No ID [VIDEO]

Retired ICE Special Agent and author of “Agent Under Fire,” Victor Avila, is a hero. He regularly travels to our southern border to help boost the morale of US Border agents and to report the truth to the American public about what is really happening with our open border with Mexico.

I spoke with the retired ICE Special Agent Victor Avila yesterday to discuss his most recent trip to the border in Texas. What he shared with me should make every American citizen furious.

During our conversation, the highly-respected, retired federal agent revealed that illegal aliens are coming across our border with COVID and are then being shipped across the country. And it’s not just COVID-19 that the massive influx of illegal immigrants is bringing to America, they’re also bringing a variety of additional viruses and deadly diseases with them to the United States.

On July 15, Avila bought a ticket to fly on an American Airlines partner, One World from McAllen, TX. While waiting in a room filled with illegal aliens waiting to be shipped to their new homes in various communities across America, he struck up a conversation with a woman from Uganda. According to Victor Avila, “The women from Uganda spoke perfect English and was more than happy to share” information on how she made it from Uganda to the United States.

The Ugandan woman, who was preparing to board the American Airlines flight in McAllen, TX, told Avila that she, her husband, and toddler were headed for Portland, Oregon. Victor asked her how they got from Uganda to McAllen Texas? The Ugandan woman explained that she and her family flew directly from Uganda to Mexico City, Mexico, where they met with a smuggler who they paid $5,000 per family member to secure their passage across the Mexican border to Texas. The woman mistook the Spanish-speaking Avila for someone interested in helping other illegals to make their way across the border and shared the phone number of the man who smuggled them into America.

The photo below shows the Ugandan woman, her husband, and her son preparing to go through “security” before boarding their American Airlines flight. According to Avila, neither the woman, her husband, or her son had any identification and were given a yellow packet containing boarding passes and paperwork from the US Border Patrol that allowed them to bypass the identification process with TSA.

When the retired ICE special agent reached the TSA agent, he was asked for identification. Avila asked why he should have to show identification to fly when the entire family in front of him didn’t have to provide any identification? The TSA agent became hostile and demanded he provide ID or they would refuse to allow him to pass through security. Avila asked the TSA agent, “Do you remember 9/11? You are the DHS! You just allowed 3 people from Africa that are illegal in this country but you won’t allow me, a US citizen and retired federal agent to board without an ID? This is upside down and backwards!”

The video below shows the Ugandan family passing through security without having to provide a passport, visa or any type of required identification.


Ugandan family that paid a smuggler $5K per person to cross border from Mexico City to TX are caught on camera boarding American Airlines plane in McAllen, TX w/ NO ID, Passport or Visa.

TSA allows them to pass through security w/ only processing paperwork from US Border Patrol.

— @SassyConservativeGirl45 (@SassyConservat1) October 6, 2021

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Victor Avila confirmed that the illegal alien family “did not have any identification” and that the envelope they gave to the TSA agent contained “processing paperwork from US Border agents like Notice To Appear, etc.”

Here’s another photo of the family boarding the American Airlines One World partner plane.

American Airlines is currently firing employees for refusing to receive the COVID jab, yet according to Avila, once the plane filled with illegal aliens took off, many of them removed their masks. The former federal agent was shocked to see the lack of concern flight attendants had for passengers wearing masks or for standard safety procedures. A young girl seated next to Avila was “standing in her seat and jumping up and down as the plane was taking off.”  Avila suggests the language barrier might have been an issue, but claims that all COVID protocol passengers flying on commercial airlines are forced to abide by, were thrown out the window when it came to the plane filled with illegal aliens destined for locations around the nation.

Retired ICE Special Agent Avila, who risked his life for our nation was furious to discover that the illegal aliens are not even being asked for identification before boarding a plane and are being shipped to locations across America, using commercial airlines provided by the American taxpayer.



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