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Donald Trump

Trump Reminds America of Life Before Biden in Powerful New Ad

“We will rebuild from the Biden economy”

The world needs Trump back before things get worse;

The good old days. Trump won and should be in office right now. 😡;

Trump and Desantis for 4 years and Desantis for 8 years
that is what is coming, just wait;

I now spend $195.00 a week on groceries for 2 people. It was around $80.00 over a year ago;

The way it has derailed a successful US economy the Biden Regime could easily be labeled a Domestic Terrorist Organization;

Oh, how I miss him and our race car. We had to get rid of one of our Shelby GT350’s with Biden’s economy, we still have one, but it is not as fun. 🙁 They cost so much, I will never afford one again. I had so many plans to remodel my house, now I scrambling to pay it off. We need Trump back ASAP: Followers’ Comments.


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