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And we’re off to the races!

After an excruciatingly long layoff, Southern Charm Season 8 kicked off tonight with some serious fireworks. Craig and Naomie rekindling their old flame? Check. Austen romancing a new honey? Check. And Kathryn storming out of her OWN 30th birthday party after getting all up in Naomie’s grill, telling her that she’s a “fucking petty little bitch”? DAMN I MISSED THIS SHOW!

In the days leading up to the Season 8 premiere of Southern Charm, Decider got some 1-on-1 time with both Leva Bonaparte and Naomie Olindo, and you KNOW we asked them both about this explosive moment. Here are some excerpts from our interviews with each of them about this blowup.



DECIDER: It seems like both you and Naomie sort of approached Kathryn’s original invite to her “Great Katsby” 30th birthday party as an olive branch, but it quickly went south, so to speak. Did that catch you by surprise? Or did you feel that something was brewing? 

LEVA BONAPARTE: No. So, I was adamant to Naomie, “It’s gonna be fine. Everything is fine.” I actually felt bad that it went south, because I had really convinced her that like, “No, I had dinner with Kathryne. I feel as though she’s changed. And I feel as though like, this is all going to be fine.” But I just didn’t realize how like, deep rooted the beef between the two of them was, maybe. I don’t know, I was just like, “Oh, my God, I can cut the tension in here with a knife. What do I do? Oh, let’s let’s just go over here and smile.” Like I was just playing hostess, like trying to make it nice. And like, “It’s fine. It’s fine. We’re gonna have a fun night.”

It also made me sad, and I was very caught by surprise. I think I was like, somewhere else [when it went down]. And I heard Kathryn screaming and I was like, “what is happening?”

That’s what I was gonna ask. Like, you were there and everything was like copacetic. And then it seemed like you disappeared for a minute, tops. And things just went..BAM! Like, where did you go?

Dude, I went to go grab my purse and then as I’m walking by its like, “BAHHHHH! [imitates screaming]” And I was like, “What in the world?” It was like literally the most polite, nice conversation when I left. And I didn’t even know what happened. And then, Naomie storms off. People are crying and screaming. And I was like, “What?” So typical to us, but I don’t know why I thought that night was going to be like easy and fun. [laughs]

You know, Naomie said something really smart and pointed during that confrontation. She told Kathryn, “I don’t like the way you fight.” Do you have that sort of sense about how Kathryn approaches conflict? 

Mmmmhmmm [knowingly nods]. I think that that ends up being the biggest problem that Kathryn has, you know. I think it’s just the way that she fights. She just gets so … it just goes off the rails and I actually tried to help her with it, you know, this year. If you guys end up seeing it, I was really trying to be like, “Focus on your feelings. Less of like, insults. More about what you’re feeling. Less ‘Fuck you,’ more ‘Hey, I’m hurt,’ or ‘This is how I feel.” And listen, we all struggle with different stuff. And I think that Naomie has a temper, too, just like I do.

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DECIDER: Did you have any sense whatsoever that Kathryn was seeking an apology from you when she invited you to her party? What was what was going through your mind?

NAOMIE OLINDO: I mean, I was…I was really surprised. I probably should have seen that [fight] coming, because Kathyrn has patterns. And this is one of her patterns. So I should have known. And I knew that going was probably not like the best idea. It wasn’t going to pan out super well for me. I didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. But yeah, I mean, these are things that like we know about Kathryn and so, it was … I was surprised, but not that surprised.

Have you seen the episode yet by the way?

Not the whole thing, no.  

Well, I thought one thing that was kind of interesting is she has your name spelled wrong in her phone.

I mean, again, not surprising. 

At the end of the episode, Kathryn sort of gets all up in your grill. And you said something that I thought that was really insightful, particularly in the heat of the moment. You said to her, “I don’t like the way that you fight.” Can you elaborate a little bit about what you mean by that?

Yeah. You’re reminding me of my therapist. [laughs] It’s like, “Can you please describe what it is that you’re feeling and thinking right now?” [laughs]

So yeah, this is something that I didn’t like about myself in previous seaons. And I think that everybody got to see, you know, the way that I would fight with Craig. And watching it back… it was really hard to watch it back. The show makes you very aware of things that you might not be aware of before. And I noticed that I didn’t like the way that I was fighting. So, I would say things to him there and then and that weren’t untrue, but the message would get lost in the delivery. So, it’s impossible to communicate with someone. I mean, I remember that night Kathryn had been drinking a ton, and I had been drinking, too. And it’s not the time or place to be having this like super loud fight. And I think that sometimes when people know that they’re in the wrong, they kind of double down and get more aggressive. And so that’s what was happening, but it was escalating, like very quickly. Yeah.


She also fights like, really physically. I mean, not with blows or anything, but she’s tall. She’s physically imposing, and she like really uses her stature to intimidate. 

Yeah, exactly. She uses her body to sort of get in people’s faces. And it can be very daunting, you know? And that’s clearly like something she’s always done. But yeah, I didn’t like it.

New episodes of Southern Charm air every Thursday at 9/8c.

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LIV Golf receiving pushback in Oregon ahead of first US stop




Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf is getting a chilly reception in Oregon, its first stop in the United States. 

This coming week, the series, which is paying enormous signing fees for players such as Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson, descends on Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in tiny North Plains, nestled in the rolling hills west of Portland. 

But the North Plains mayor, as well as officials from surrounding cities, have written the club’s owner, Escalante Golf, with concerns. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden is speaking out against the tournament, and some members of the pricy club also are uncomfortable with the situation. 

Opponents point to Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses, including the murder of U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi. But in Oregon, there also is anger over the hit-and-run death of 15-year-old Fallon Smart in 2016. 

Saudi student Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah was facing a trial on first-degree murder charges when he removed a tracking device and vanished. U.S. authorities believe the Saudi government helped arrange for a fake passport and provided a private jet for travel back to Saudi Arabia. The case was featured on “60 Minutes.” 

“It’s wrong to be silent when Saudi Arabia tries to cleanse blood-stained hands, in the fight for Oregonians to get justice — Fallon Smart was killed very close to our house in Southeast Portland, and the person charged with the crime, a hit-and-run death, was, based on all the evidence, whisked out of the country by the Saudis before he stood for trial,” Wyden said in an interview with AP. 

Ron Wyden
Ron Wyden has been outspoken against LIV Golf.
Getty Images

There is also concern the event could bring protests to North Plains, a town of just 3,400 people. Tickets to the event prohibit fans from displaying any political signs. 

“We oppose this event because it is being sponsored by a repressive government whose human rights abuses are documented. We refuse to support these abuses by complicitly allowing the Saudi-backed organization to play in our backyard,” said a letter signed by North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan and 10 other mayors from surrounding cities. 

Wyden accuses the Saudi government of sportswashing. 

“It’s just a page out of the autocrats’ playbook covering up injustices by misusing athletics in hopes of normalizing their abuses,” he said. 

The event also has put Pumpkin Ridge members in a difficult spot. Some decided to leave the club over the tournament, but it’s unclear how many departed. 

“A lot of members are like stuck between a rock and a hard place right now where politically they don’t agree with it at all,” said member Kevin Palmer of Beaverton. “But I also joined last year and put down like $12,000, and if I leave I don’t get any of that money back.” 

Greg Norman is CEO of LIV Golf Investments and the face of a circuit that aims to rival the PGA Tour. The 48-man field in Portland will compete for $20 million in prize money for individual play, and $5 million in team play, with 12 teams. Teams will be announced Tuesday after a draft. 

Greg Norman
Greg Norman

Johnson, who had been No. 1 in the world longer than any player since Tiger Woods, and six-time major champion Mickelson were among the first big names to join. The Portland field since has added Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka and Patrick Reed, all major champions, though none among the current top 20 players in the world ranking. 

The PGA Tour has suspended every member who competed in the first LIV event because they did not have conflicting event releases. Those in Portland also will be suspended when they tee it up. 

The tour typically awards three such releases a year, only for tournaments overseas. It does not allow its members to compete in tournaments held in North America. 

The Portland event is held the same week as the John Deere Classic in Illinois. 

“The PGA Tour, an American institution, can’t compete with a foreign monarchy that is spending billions of dollars in attempt to buy the game of golf,” commissioner Jay Monahan said last week. “We welcome good, healthy competition. The LIV Saudi golf league is not that. It’s an irrational threat, one not concerned with the return on investment or true growth of the game.” 

The LIV tour consists of eight events this year, five in the United States. Following the stop in Portland, the tour moves to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. 

Texas-based Escalante Golf, owner of Pumpkin Ridge and another course on the LIV series, did not respond to a request for comment. 

“We believe that we have a moral obligation to take a stand and speak out against this event in order to protect the people we serve,” the mayors wrote in their letter to the company. “While our local jurisdictions may not be able to prevent this event, we stand together to voice our concerns about the unwelcomed potential risks, visitors and harm this event could have on our communities.”

By: Ny Post

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Super PACs target AOC-backed ‘defund the police’ NY candidates




Two political action committees bankrolled by New York business interests are waging a hard-hitting $1 million counteroffensive to defeat “defund the police” state Assembly candidates running in Tuesday’s Democratic primary races.

The related Super PACs — Common Sense New Yorkers and Voters of New York — have sent out mailers attacking the lefty candidates as soft on crime and are engaging in an 11th-hour “get out the vote” effort through robocalls, text messaging and other canvassing, said Jeff Leb, the treasurer of both groups.

“We are specifically running independent campaigns against socialist candidates who have declared publicly and privately that they want to defund the police,” said Leb.

“We have done multiple polls that confirm that across NYC and NYS regardless of the neighborhood or the district, public safety is the number one issue of concern to Democratic voters,” he added.

The candidates targeted by the groups are backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Bronx/Queens), the left-wing Working Families Party and the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Super Pac Defund the Police
The Super PACs are targeting candidates who support defunding the police.
Capitol Consulting

Leb said his groups will conduct a similar campaign to bolster pro-safety candidates in state Senate primaries in August.

At least three mailers have targeted insurgent Jonathan Soto — a former AOC staffer endorsed by the socialist congresswoman and the WFP — who is running against veteran Assembly incumbent Michael Benedetto in The Bronx.

“Don’t vote for Jonathan Soto. He’s Too Extreme for the Bronx,” said one mailer, which described the “defund” challenger as a “dangerous, reckless, socialist.”

One mailer targets former AOC staffer Jonathan Soto who the PAC describes as “too extreme.”
Capitol Consulting

The PACs have also run attack ads against insurgent Jessica Altagracia Woolford, who is running against veteran Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz in the northwest Bronx Assembly District 81 covering Riverdale, Kingsbridge Heights, Norwood and Woodlawn; and Samy Nemir Olivares, who is seeking to topple incumbent Erik Dilan in Brooklyn’s District 54, covering Bushwick and Cypress Hills.

Benedetto, who is not connected to the independent groups, on Sunday welcomed their campaign.

“They accurately point out that my opponent wants to defund the police. I’m not for that all. I happen to be in the same political camp as Joe Biden,” said Benedetto, who received a donation from the New York State Troopers PAC.

super pac defund the police
The groups claim that public safety is the number one issue for New York voters.
Capitol Consulting

“They realize [Soto] is a radical who is out of step with the mainstream. We don’t want that.”

Soto on Sunday sought to turn the tables, saying Benedetto is backed by “Trump Republicans” who are sending attack mailers “distracting voters from what’s actually being defunded, our schools!”

Mayor Eric Adams has endorsed the more moderate Benedetto, and donated to his campaign in the ongoing proxy war with Ocasio-Cortez over the direction of New York’s Democratic Party.

super pacs defund the police
The groups are also targeting Jessica Altagracia Woolford who is running for state Assembly in the Bronx.
Capitol Consulting

The Adams-affiliated Striving for a Better New York gave Benedetto $4,700 work in mid-June, state BOE records show.

The AOC-backed Courage to Change PAC, meanwhile, donated $4,700 to Soto and cut four-figure checks to seven other lefty candidates in recent weeks, including challengers running against incumbents Dilan, Kevin Cahill (D-Ulster) and Nikki Lucas (D-Brooklyn) in the state Assembly, records show.

Dilan’s father is former longtime state Brooklyn state Sen. Martin Dilan, who lost a 2018 primary to the DSA-backed Julia Salazar.

The younger Dilan received a $4,700 check of his own from A.J.W. Properties Management and $2,000 from a PAC associated with state realtors, in addition to at least $13,000 more in donations from other labor and trade groups in recent weeks.

As for the two pro-law and order Super PACs, campaign finance records show Voters of New York received four donations from real estate and financial interest in recent weeks totaling $250,000.

Silverstein Properties gave $50,000 while Thomas Tuft, a former chairman of the Global Capital Markets Group at Goldman Sachs chipped in $25,000. Anel Holding Group and Broadwest Group 3 LLC contributed $100,000 and $75,000 respectively, according to campaign finance filings.

More than $100,000 in these donations went to just two entities – Live Media Productions LLC of lower Manhattan and Albany Marketing Solutions just blocks from the state Capitol, according to campaign records.

Both companies also received dozens of payments totaling a similar amount from Common Sense New York in recent days, records show.

Donors to this group include a litany of limited liability companies representing real estate and financial interests. The family-owned United American Land gave $100,000. Venture capitalist Lisa Blau gave $50,000, according to records.

The insurance industry and other trade groups have dumped $6,000 on Cahill, who chairs the Assembly Insurance Committee, as he battles back a challenge from the DSA and WFP-backed Sarahan Shrestha.

Shrestha also got $4,700 from the AOC-backed PAC on June 24, records state. 

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Duke assistant sees NBA starter in Knicks’ pick Trevor Keels




The Knicks traded out of the first round on draft night, but they may have landed a player with the upside of a first-round pick. At least, that’s what Chris Carrawell believes the Knicks have in Trevor Keels.

The one-and-done guard had an up-and-down season with the Blue Devils, averaging 11.5 points and 3.4 rebounds, but the former five-star recruit was still projected by some to find his way into the first round. That didn’t happen, and the Knicks ended up selecting him with the No. 42 overall pick in the draft.

“I think he’s a starter [in the NBA],” Carrawell, the Duke assistant coach, told The Post in a phone interview on Sunday. “It’s harder when you’re a second-round pick, but he’s only 18. If he stays with it, and gets an opportunity and improves, I compare him to Marcus Smart.

“In a year [if he stayed in school] he would’ve been a potential lottery pick and guaranteed first-round pick for sure. Potential is there. … I think the Knicks got a steal.”

The Knicks selected Duke product Trevor Keels in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Carrawell singled out two needed areas of improvement for the 6-foot-5 Keels to develop into a solid NBA player. One of the youngest players in the draft, the Clinton, Md. native has to improve his perimeter jump shot — Keels shot just 31.2 percent from beyond the arc for Duke this past season — and he has to get into better shape. Keels registered 13.5 percent body fat at the draft combine, the fourth highest of the 76 players there.

“These guys come in, they’re 17, 18 years old, in college for the first time. No matter how much we talk to them about nutrition, things you gotta eat, they’re still college kids,” Carrawell said. “They’re going to still stay up late, they’re going to play video games, they’re going to hang out with their classmates, their teammates. He has the body type that you have to watch what you eat, make sure you’re putting in the work, which he does. But he’s still young. I didn’t pay attention to those things when I was 22. In time, once he learns, he can do it.”

Off the bat, Keels’ best asset is his competitive fire and on-court desire. He was one of Duke’s most intense players and, according to Carrawell, has an extremely high basketball IQ. That manifests itself at both ends of the floor.

Perhaps most important for Keels and the Knicks, Carrawell thinks he’s a Tom Thibodeau type of player, due to his aggressive nature and his desire on the defensive end. Thibodeau, of course, is notorious for relying on veterans, so Keels will have to prove himself to carve out a role for himself. The fastest way for that to happen is on the defensive end.

Trevor Keels working out at the NBA Draft combine.

Carrawell’s take was similar to what an NBA scout told The Post on draft night, that Keels has to improve his body and his jumper, but the toughness and edge he plays with will appeal to Thibodeau.

“I’m going into a foxhole, I want him on my side,” Carrawell said. “’Thibs is going to fall in love with Trevor, because he’s a competitor, he’s a winner.

“He competes, man. Trevor really has the potential to be a really good defender once he learns the NBA game. He can really guard the ball. When he’s locked in, he does a good job of putting pressure on the ball, and he’s not bad off the ball as well.”

By: Ny Post

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