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Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) believes that intelligence on COVID-19 originating from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is forthcoming, and will be revealed by force of legislation if it is not released otherwise.

Braun told the “John Solomon Reports” podcast about the COVID-19 Origin Act of 2021 that he introduced with Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.): “Something was afoot even a week to two weeks ago — we were just a little ahead of the game when we rolled that out — where I think we’re going to hear more information.

“When you got somebody like Dr. Fauci that moves goalposts from one end zone to the other and then back again, and wherever it needs to kind of plop down, when you hear the head of the WHO, when you hear the Biden administration now saying that there needs to be an investigation — of course, they’re still saying WHO needs to do it itself. That’s like the fox in the henhouse metaphor. So something is happening. And that’s why, with our bill out there, it’s now very pertinent.”

Braun is confident the truth will soon emerge. “I think we’re gonna get to the bottom of it,” he said. “It’s just a question of, will we need a bill to do it? I don’t even think we’re going to need that because I think there’s going to be stuff coming forward that might flush it out without having to force it legislatively. If not, we’re prepared to roll up the support. Sadly, we probably won’t get one Democrat on it, though.”

Braun was asked where Congress could get information on COVID and Wuhan.

“How about in our own DHS?” he replied. “How about in our own Director of National Intelligence? That’s the essence of declassifying this stuff. And when you’ve got such a political posture that has dominated the dynamic, we just need that — we need the Freedom of Information Act, in essence, to release all this stuff that’s been classified.”

He suggested forming a commission to look into the origins of COVID-19.

“And I think you’re going to find several points of information that will, you know, make us look at least into doing — I mean, as commission-happy as we are in this government in general, we ought to be doing a commission on the biggest event that’s challenged the world, arguably, along with a couple world wars, and especially the health crisis over 100 years ago.

“And when you put that much political spin on it, you’re going to have difficulty with folks like Fauci, where they now all of a sudden have to hedge their bets by saying the exact opposite of what they were before. And I think a lot of this information is housed within our own government. Will Biden be forthright? Will he declassify it? Hopefully, it’s not going to take a piece of legislation to do it.”

Braun was asked whether Congress would have to rely on China to get the information. “Hopefully, there’s going to be enough in our own classified information to get us really hot on the trail,” he said. “Sadly, we’re dealing with a regime — our biggest geopolitical foe down the road — that believes in hardly anything we do when it comes to transparency, and so forth. So I think they will fight it tooth and nail.

“But WHO, I think, is finally — WHO’s seemingly been an apologist for China, ones not wanting to poke that bear — I think, now that they’re talking about it, that just tells me there’s a change in the dynamic, the paradigm, and I think this needs to have every door opened, and looked into. And hopefully, we’re getting there.”



Breaking, Supermarket Cashier Killed, Deputy Wounded in Georgia Over Mask-Wearing Dispute



A supermarket cashier in Georgia was shot and killed by a customer on Monday in a dispute over the wearing of a face mask before the gunman was wounded in an exchange of gunfire with the store’s security guard, the local sheriff said.

The guard was also wounded in the incident which occurred at a little after 1 p.m. at the Big Bear Supermarket in DeKalb County, DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox told a news conference.

“It was over a mask. I don’t know if they were wearing, or not wearing,” she said. “The wearing of the mask and not wearing of the mask, people have their own opinion about it and it is very sensitive at this time.”



Several people were inside the store when a confrontation over mask wearing ensued. The gunman pulled out a weapon and shot the cashier. The security guard the opened fire on him, striking him a couple of times, Maddox said.

Businesses in Georgia can request customers wear a mask to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but are prohibited from requiring them to do so, according to executive orders issued by Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Maddox did not release the names of the individuals involved in the shooting. She said all three were rushed to the hospital, where the guard remains in stable condition after he was shot twice.

The security guard is a retired 30-year veteran of the DeKalb County Police Department who is now a reserve deputy with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office. The guard, who works part-time at the supermarket, was wearing a protective vest, Maddox said.


— WSPA 7NEWS (@WSPA7) JUNE 14, 2021

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Trump praises his own ‘great and very productive meeting in Helsinki’ ahead of Biden-Putin meeting



Former President Donald Trump issued a statement on Thursday in which he said that the U.S. had secured the respect of Russian President Vladimir Putin as the result of a meeting that he had with the Russian leader in 2018.

“As President, I had a great and very productive meeting in Helsinki, Finland, with President Putin of Russia. Despite the belated Fake News portrayal of the meeting, the United States won much, including the respect of President Putin and Russia. Because of the phony Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, made-up and paid for by the Democrats and Crooked Hillary Clinton, the United States was put at a disadvantage—a disadvantage that was nevertheless overcome by me,” Trump said. “As to who do I trust, they asked, Russia or our “Intelligence” from the Obama era, meaning people like Comey, McCabe, the two lovers, Brennan, Clapper, and numerous other sleezebags, or Russia, the answer, after all that has been found out and written, should be obvious. Our government has rarely had such lowlifes as these working for it. Good luck to Biden in dealing with President Putin—don’t fall asleep during the meeting, and please give him my warmest regards!”

Trump’s comments came as Biden, who is currently overseas during his first foreign trip since being inaugurated earlier this year, is slated to meet with Putin on June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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CDC issues new travel guidance on various countries as the world contends with the COVID-19 pandemic



The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated international travel recommendations amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has roiled the globe for more than a year.

“Primary and secondary criteria used to determine Travel Health Notice (THN) levels were updated to better differentiate countries with severe outbreak situations from countries with sustained, but controlled, COVID-19 spread,” according to the CDC. “This update gives specific travel advice for vaccinated and unvaccinated people according to the THN level, ensuring THN levels reflect the current global situation and are aligned with guidance for international travel.”

The four levels of CDC rankings range from low COVID-19 levels up to very high, with an additional category for unknown risk level: “CDC uses COVID-19 data reported by the World Health Organization and other official sources to make determinations about THN levels. If a destination does not provide data, their THN level is designated as ‘unknown’ and travelers are advised to follow THN Level 4 recommendations,” the agency noted.

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