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Saadah Masoud sentenced to prison for 3 attacks on NYC Jews

A violent anti-Semite and staunch supporter of Palestine was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison Friday for a trio of hate attacks on Jews over a one-year period in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Manhattan federal court Judge Denise Cote imposed the term on Staten Island resident Saadah Masoud — saying she believed he is a “deeply angry and disturbed person.”  

Judge Cote told Masoud his violent attacks were a “betrayal of your family and a betrayal of what your telling me your personal values are.” 

Masoud, 29, pleaded guilty in November to a hate crimes conspiracy count for the three attacks. 

On May 19, 2021, Masoud and others chatted on the encrypted messaging Signal, laying out plans to disrupt a pro-Israel demonstration in Manhattan the following day. 

“I beat the sh-t out of three Zionist[s] yesterday and didn’t even see a jail cell,” Masoud wrote in the chat, according to a sentencing submission filed by prosecutors on the case. 

Matt Greenman
Matt Greenman, a pro-Israel counter-protester, was taken to the hospital for injuries that included a concussion.
Matt Greenman


At the Midtown protest the following day, Masoud confronted a demonstrator who was wearing a large star of David necklace and asked, “Are you a f–king Jew?”

He then slugged the man in the face. 

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Less than two weeks later, Masoud and a co-conspirator drove by the Brooklyn home of Heshy Tischler, a conservative provocateur, and outspoken Jewish activist, and spotted him sitting in his car. 

“We know where you live, we’ll get you,” Masoud told Tischler, prosecutors wrote. 

Saadah Masoud
Saadah Masoud was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison Friday for a trio of hate attacks on Jews over a one-year period in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Tischler responded by getting out of the car and attempting to film the pair, but Masoud knocked his phone out of his hand and his associate punched Tischler in the face. 

In the final attack in April 2022, Masoud battered Matt Greenman at a pro-Palestine march in Midtown after Greenman showed up wearing an Israeli flag cape. 

Masoud pummeled Greenman and dragged his face along the sidewalk, causing a black eye and serious swelling to his face. 

The anti-Israel zealot made a series of anti-Semitic remarks after his arrest, telling one of the detectives who busted him, “All of this for one Jew?” 

An investigator from the US Attorney’s Office also overheard him say he didn’t want any “Greenbergs” for an attorney. 

He also refused to see a pretrial service officer with the last name “Rothman,” leading to him being thrown in jail prior to his guilty plea. 

Tischler spoke at the hearing Friday and called Masoud an “evil man,” but told him from a courtroom podium: “I’m not scared of you. I’m not scared of evil.” 

In brief remarks, Masoud apologized to the three victims and lamented that he went to protests where he said his anger “spilled over.” 

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“I learned this lesson at the expense of three individuals,” he said. 

Masoud’s attorney, Rhidaya Trivedi, argued the attacks occurred at a heated moment between Israel and Palestine and prosecutors had attempted to “erase a multitude of context that is extremely important.”

By: Ny Post



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