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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Rand Paul Proposes 5 Years In Jail For Fauci For Lying To Congress

Rand Paul was right and Fauci lied.

5 years for each death, please;

Five years and some! The outcome from his gain of function support is genocide to global man kind!;

The regular human mind can’t fathom the mass, the genocidal undertaking of this NWO Globalist, Corporate / Government Agencies, and healthcare organizations to conspire and experiment a BioWeapon using humans as test subjects. Fauci is a Genocidal mass murderer;

5 years is just for lying. He needs to be prosecuted for using tax money to fund the lab to make a deadly virus at his request. He’s 80. 5 years should have him dying in prison, but just to be sure he needs to get life-based on the recently released emails: Followers’ Comment.


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