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Border Crisis

Putting It Bluntly, Donald Trump Says Phony Elections Will Destroy Our Country [VIDEO]

Inflation is going to destroy our country, the border is going to destroy our country, and you know what else is going to destroy our country? Bad elections, phony elections – going to destroy our country.

Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott participated in a Fox News Townhall with Sean Hannity where they took questions from the crowd. One lady, a naturalized citizen from Nicaragua, asked President Trump what the long-term damage of Biden’s open borders agenda would do to the country and what it will cost law-abiding US taxpayers. Mr. Trump told her the damage is incalculable, saying, there’s no way to judge that kind of damage.” And “it has to be stopped now, this can’t go till 2022.” 

“Some of them as we discussed are from prisons and they’re bad and they’re murderers”


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