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Psaki: Vaccines Are Required for Businesses and Not for Migrants at the Border

Psaki When Asked Why Vaccines Are Required for Businesses and Not for Migrants at the Border: ‘That’s Correct’

Republicans need to make a commercial of that clip and ask who matters…Americans, or everyone else;

A jab at the border may deter some of them. Furthermore, the Supreme Court Ruling just recently said, Biden must restore the Trump policy of closing the border and make illegals stay in Mexico that want to seek entry. Appears, the Biden Administration ignores Supreme Court Rulings and does what he pleases by keeping the border open;

Because it’s not about controlling the Fauci virus, it’s about controlling citizens and distracting you from the horrible policy of this administration. Afghanistan, 13, voting security, economy, inflation, foreign policy, Ashli Babbit, 82 billion in military equipment and technology: Followers’ Comment.



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