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The chip developers described it as a check-engine light capable of emitting a light glow.

ARLINGTON, Virginia, April 14, 2020, was the place and time where Pentagon created a gel-style, tissue-like microchip. The chip is implanted under the skin to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus before the person feels the symptoms.

The authorities’ plan to use the chip concerned the citizens about their liberties and usher in a bio-security state.
CBS 60 Minutes report revealed this on April 11. The report’s name is “military programs aiming to end pandemic forever.”

Dr. Matt Hepburn from DARPA shared how he had an assignment to develop a technology that will eliminate the pandemic.

While he described the mission DARPA assigned to him, Hepburn said they “challenge the research community to develop solutions that may sound like science fiction. And we’re very willing to take chances with high-risk investments that may not work.”

“But if they do, we can completely transform the landscape.”

He introduced the device, “subdermal implant … a tissue-like gel engineered to continuously test your blood,” and it will track human health.

According to Hepburn, it was a sensor that has to be under the skin and will provide a warning onset of the coronavirus symptoms. “It’s like a ‘check engine light,”

Those persons whose chip will signal some symptoms have to take a blood test, which will be done in three minutes.

The CBS interviewer said that the device was a “dreaded government microchip to track your every move,” We don’t have any other information about the chip’s working process.

Hepburn stated that the constant tracking of the virus is essential.

However, Hepburn introduced a dialysis-style blood filter that would clean the blood, and all the tracks of the virus will be filtered and returned to the body.

It is a treatment that requires four days and is used on a patient with organ failure and septic shock. It was effective. The doctors used this treatment to save 300 critical patients.

Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad is another military researcher in Pentagon. He is working on a “vaccine for the whole family of coronaviruses.”

That injection will serve to achieve Hepburn’s mission of preventing any pandemic.

“We’re trying to not just make a vaccine for this virus, we’re trying to make a vaccine for the whole family of coronaviruses,” revealed Modjarrad. “This is the core of our vaccine. We engineer the spike so that we can attach it to this protein.”

Besides. the injection should be used in real-life situations five years from now because it is in clinical trials.

“This is not science fiction, this is science fact. We have the tools, we have the technology, to do this all right now.”

According to Dr. Modjarrad, technology could “inoculate the world against killer viruses,” which were not even “seen or imagined” today.

Once the original report of 60 Minutes appeared, the mainstream media attacked with the headline “Pentagon unveils microchip that senses COVID in the body.”

Dr. Hepburn denied the insert was a microchip. “No microchip, no electronics, none of that stuff. It wouldn’t tell you if you had influenza or if you had COVID.”

Also, Hepburn explained that the device represented a gel-like tissue, and it responds to body substances and emits a glow. That is how the person would know “there might be something wrong, and you would complement that with a specific COVID test, or test for other pathogens.”


The news about the chipping of the population raised concerns on social media. Many people say that the authorities want to control the population.

One year ago, Life Site shared all the uses that this kind of device could have. Dr. Carrie Madej is an internist trained in osteopathic medicine. He suggested that the coronavirus injections are connected to the insertion of a barcode under the skin.

The Life Site reported.

“Madej called it “Luciferase,” supposedly because this enzyme “gives a bioluminescence, a light” when activated. It would not be seen or felt by the host, but with a device “like a smartphone with a special app” one can scan over that section of the skin and it will light up, passing to the device a digital code, pattern, barcode and thus an ID of some kind.

Madej also pointed to another form of sub-surface technology, called “Hydrogel,” nanotechnology that she described as “microscopic robotic organisms,” developed by DARPA, and a private corporation called Profusa.

One primary function of this technology is to gather information from the host’s body, including blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, medications, and nutrients. However, Madej says. “It has the potential to be used for other things” as well, such as documenting how many steps one takes if a person is swimming, running, sleeping, menstruating, and potentially, even one’s emotions.

This data is constantly measured by the individual’s smart device, sent to the cloud, and to some other database. Or as she describes it, an “artificial intelligence” (AI).”

Moreover, the development of implanting this technology into humans conforms to Klaus Schwab’s goals, a globalist and WEF founder.

Schwab described the Fourth Industrial Revolution as being “characterized by a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.”

“The possibilities of billions of people connected by mobile devices, with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, are unlimited. And these possibilities will be multiplied by emerging technology breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage, and quantum computing.”

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution, finally, will change not only what we do but also who we are. It will affect our identity. And all the issues associated with it: our sense of privacy, our notions of ownership, our consumption patterns, the time we devote to work and leisure, and how we develop our careers, cultivate our skills, meet people, and nurture relationships. It is already changing our health and leading to a ‘quantified’ self. And sooner than we think, it may lead to human augmentation. The list is endless because it is bound only by our imagination.”



General Milley Justifies Going Around President Trump to Have a Secret Call With China [Video]



General Milley is testifying before the Senate Committee about the withdrawal in Afghanistan but was asked about going around President Trump to speak with China (See our previous report on General Milley below).

General Milley justified his secret call to China by saying: “My oath is to support the Constitution of the United States of America against enemies foreign and domestic.”

Gen. Milley justifies his secret call to China:

“My oath is to support the Constitution of the United States of America against enemies foreign and domestic.”

— Danny De Urbina (@dannydeurbina) September 28, 2021


President Trump’s Secretary of Defense Christoper Miller came out to confirm that he never authorized General Mark Milley to speak with the Chinese about a possible attack on them. This should be the end of Milley who went around the chain of command to speak with his Chinese counterpart but the Pentagon and Milley are playing it off like it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal and Milley should be kicked to the curb for his actions in collaborating with China to tell them he would warn them if America planned to attack.

TRANSCRIPT OF TUCKER CARLSON’S COMMENTARY VIA Fox News: Yesterday, we learned that Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a danger to the country. That was not totally surprising. We already knew he was a reckless nutcase. In June, in the middle of a televised congressional hearing, Milley leveled a racial attack against more than half of this country. Milley told Congress that something called White rage was a national crisis. He never proved it or even defined the term and yet still he kept his job, which says as much about Congress as it does about him. Then in July, we learned that Milley had suggested the U.S. military was willing to use violence against Donald Trump, who was then the sitting president. “We’re the guys with guns,” he told fellow officers. Still, Congress did nothing.

Now, thanks to a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, we’ve learned that Milley secretly collaborated with our greatest military rival, the government of China. On October 30th last year, according to the book, Milley called his counterpart in China – a Chinese general. He did not tell his boss about the call either before he made it or after.

Here was Milley’s message for the Chinese military:

“We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you. General Li, you and I have known each other for five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

It’s hard to believe that conversation actually took place, but apparently, it did. More than 24 hours after it was reported, Mark Milley has not denied it. Instead, his spokesman released a statement today confirming that Milley does regularly speak to Chinese military officials, but claiming that those calls are authorized by civilian leaders at the Pentagon. But that turns out to be a lie.

Just hours ago, the former secretary of defense, Christopher Miller, told Fox News he has no idea what Mark Milley is talking about. “As secretary of defense, I did not and would not ever authorize such conduct.” As Miller put it, “A lesser ranking officer accused of such behavior would immediately be relieved of duty.” But Mark Milley has not been relieved of duty and apparently he won’t be. Today, Joe Biden endorsed him and the job he’s doing.

So for secretly revealing American military strategy to the Chinese government for threatening violence against a sitting American president, Mark Milley is not going to be punished.

Are you surprised by this? Maybe you shouldn’t be. In Washington, this is normal. Colluding with the Chinese government is not considered a sin. It’s not even weird. Watch In 2015 Milley explained that China somehow is not a threat to us.

GENERAL MARK MILLEY: “I said in testimony that I considered Russia the number one threat to the United States … Russia is the only country on earth that has the capability to destroy the United States of America. It’s an existential threat by definition. … China is not an enemy. They are going to develop themselves and are developing themselves into a great power. That is not to say, however, that they are an enemy. And it is not to imply nor say that conflict with China is inevitable.”

So Milley thinks China is winning, and so he’s sucking up to his new masters, so he tells us, “Russia’s the only country on Earth that has the capacity to destroy the United States.” That’s absurd. Nobody believes that. The Chinese military is far, far more powerful than anything Vladimir Putin controls. It’s not even close. Milley knows that, he’s lying about it.

That should make you very nervous. Why is he lying about that? No one in Congress seems to care. At all. People with oversight seem to be on his side. This morning, Tom Cotton, the Republican senator from Arkansas, came on Fox and Friends to talk about Mark Milley. Here’s part of that conversation:

COTTON: This book raises some serious concerns that say some of the allegations seem somewhat far-fetched to me. But Gen. Milley and Secretary Austin are going to be testifying in front of Congress in just a few days and we’ll address these concerns. We don’t want to jump to conclusions yet. … I know he will address it and we’ll ensure that he addresses it. But this is one of those claims, obviously, that seems a little far-fetched, the idea that an American military general is going to warn an adversary if an attack is coming. As you say, when Donald Trump was never even thinking about a military attack against China, the whole thing is pretty far-fetched.

Oh, we don’t want to jump to conclusions yet. Really? What conclusions? At the time that interview took place, it had already been conclusively established that Mark Milley was pushing open racism on the United States military, that he had bragged to fellow officers about resisting the American president, “with guns,” and that he had told military officials that he, not the president, controlled our country’s nuclear arsenal. So how much more evidence do you need exactly? And why does no one in Washington consider this a crisis? The leadership of the Pentagon, some of them, anyway, constitute a threat to the United States. END TRANSCRIPT

All we need to do is listen to Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby try and play Milley’s actions as routine:

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby held a press conference at the Pentagon speaking about the bombshell story on General Milley. Accusations are in a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. It’s a “bombshell revelation” that purportedly Gen Milley offered advance warning of an American attack to his Chinese counterpart on October 30th of 2020.

Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin asked Kirby about the news about Milley during the press conference.

Kirby said he couldn’t speak to the validity of the report on Milley. He went on to downplay Milley’s actions by saying it is completely appropriate for Milley to review nuclear protocols. Also, frequent communications with Russia and China by the Joint Chiefs Chairman is “routine.” Kirby is insinuating that it was ok to undermine President Trump.

Kirby says every single interaction isn’t “written down and sent in a memo.”

Is Kirby saying it’s routine for military leaders to go around the chain of command? Isn’t that treason?

Amy Tarkanian tweeted: “Here’s John Kirby defending treason.”

Here’s John Kirby defending treason.

— Amy Tarkanian (@MrsT106) September 15, 2021

Is it treason for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to go around the president to speak with a foreign nation?

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[VIDEO] JUST IN: Pentagon Admits US Drone Strike In Afghanistan Killed 10 Civilians And No Terrorist Targets




Gen. Frank McKenzie speaks about a drone strike on August 29th in Kabul, Afghanistan, which the Pentagon originally said killed ISIS terrorists, but which they now acknowledge did not kill any terrorists, instead killing 10 civilians including 7 children.

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Milley defiant amid increasing pressure to resign over China calls revelations



As the embattled Gen. Mark Milley took a defiant tone regarding reports that he surreptitiously tried to circumvent the authority of his then-commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump, critics increasingly demanded his resignation while the White House offered him full support.

Milley’s alleged actions include making secret calls to the top military officer in Beijing, and holding a clandestine gathering of military officers to demand that they only obey command orders that came through Milley, according to the authors of a forthcoming book. 

The actions are described in “Peril,” by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Milley took the unprecedented actions because he was afraid Trump might launch a nuclear strike, the authors wrote. 

Milley in a statement confirmed that the anecdotes in the book are true, but couched them as normal procedure – and signaled that he plans to remain in office.

“General Milley continues to act and advise within his authority in the lawful tradition of civilian control of the military and his oath to the Constitution,” the chairman’s spokesman, Col. Dave Butler, said in a statement.

The doubling-down further alarmed critics who described his actions as dangerous. 

“We could have a nuclear war over a mistake because the general is going outside the line of command to insinuate something that nobody believes to be true, but actually could have started a war,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told the John Solomon Reports podcast. “So really, instead of actually calming tensions, he could have actually started an accidental war.” 

The White House on Wednesday stood up for Milley, with President Joe Biden affirming that he has ‘great confidence’ in his Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman.

The Pentagon supported Milley in general, but officially evaded questions about his alleged actions.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “has full trust and confidence in Chairman Milley and the job that he’s doing,” spokesman John Kirby told reporters in an afternoon briefing.

When asked to comment on specifics of the controversial incidents, Kirby waved off. 

“I’m not going to speak to unconfirmed reports from a book that we haven’t looked at and read yet, and certainly not to a conversation that took place before the administration took office,” Kirby said. “I’m not going to go there or anything.”

When pressed to address what one reporter called “a pretty serious allegation,” Kirby held firm.

“It’s not that I’m not denying it, I’m simply going to refuse to speak to two specific anecdotes that are in this book,” Kirby said. 

Elsewhere inside the Pentagon, the “Milley situation” has been Topic A, officials said.

“Everyone is talking about it, and not in a good way,” one civilian contract officer told Just the News. “People are talking about whether they should leave. They don’t want to be tarred with this mess.” 

Discussion has centered on questions about the anecdotes in the book, said one senior Pentagon official who doubted the explanation that Milley was afraid Trump would launch a nuclear attack in order to remain in office.

“If he really thought that Trump was so unstable that he was going to start a nuclear war, there was a way to address that,” the senior official told Just the News. “We have provisions for that as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution, namely that the Cabinet would remove him under the 25th Amendment. But instead of doing that, he ran his own independent operation.”

Some within the Pentagon interpret the “I’m in command” affirmation meeting as meaning Milley wanted to make sure he wasn’t being marginalized, the contract officer said.

“When Milley had the meeting with his subordinates, if you take the report at face value, he asked them if they would follow the procedure,” the officer said. “What he said to them wasn’t technically wrong. If you look at the procedure of the National Command Authority, he does have to be in the loop in any command decision in the event of war.”

At the time was meeting was held, the officer said, Milley had grown suspicious that Trump would edge him out of his position.

“I think he was trying to make sure that nobody took him out of the loop,” the officer said.

The officials are not authorized to talk to the press, and spoke on the condition that they would not be identified.

The meetings and the phone calls demonstrate a lack of judgment, according to one combat veteran who has numerous tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and elsewhere.

“If true, it’s just an example of his inability to grasp not just the Constitution in this case, but also the situation in Afghanistan,” which he bungled, according to retired Army officer Jim Lechner. 

Milley’s promise to give advance warning to China of a hypothetical attack crossed the line from bungling to giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Lechner said.

“His lapse in judgment has resulted in treason,” he said.

Milley’s spokesman Butler said that Milley’s calls were acceptable standard procedure. Such calls “remain vital to improving mutual understanding of US national security interests, reducing tensions, providing clarity and avoiding unintended consequences or conflict,” Butler said.

“His calls with the Chinese and others in October and January were in keeping with these duties and responsibilities conveying reassurance in order to maintain strategic stability,” Butler said. “All calls from the Chairman to his counterparts, including those reported, are staffed, coordinated and communicated with the Department of Defense and the interagency.”

Former Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, who would have led the Pentagon when Milley made the January call, said he ‘did not and would not ever authorize’ the general to have the secret calls.

Trump was not on record as having said he planned to order a nuclear strike.

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