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Biden Administration17 hours ago

WH Staff Interrupt UK PM Boris Johnson Mid-Sentence To Push Out Reporters

Facebook17 hours ago

Josh Hawley UNLOADS on Facebook: “You and I Both Know Your Product Isn’t Safe”

Impeachment17 hours ago

MTG Explains Introducing Impeachment Articles Against Biden

Border19 hours ago

[VIDEO] ‘Do You Honestly Believe That Our Borders Are Closed?’: Johnson Assails Mayorkas Over Migrant Surge

Biden Administration19 hours ago

[VIDEO] McEnany blasts Biden admin for ‘appalling lies’ on border crisis

Donald Trump19 hours ago

[VIDEO] ‘That’s Not Justice’: Rand Paul Confronts FBI Director Over ‘Bias’ In Trump 2016 Investigation

Doocy2 days ago

Doocy HUMILIATES Psaki Over Past Comments On Over-The-Horizon Capabilities

COVID2 days ago

Project Veritas EXPOSES COVID Vaccine Part 1: “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”

democrate2 days ago

An Online Investigator Exposes A Troubling Connection – The Dan Bongino Show

afghanistan2 days ago

[VIDEO] Critics question Biden’s credibility amid multiple national crises

Impeachment2 days ago

[VIDEO] JUST IN: Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Biden Of Treason, Calls For His Impeachment

Brian Laundrie2 days ago

[VIDEO] Brian Laundrie’s parents brought out of family home during FBI search

Accountability2 days ago

Judge in case of anti-Trump mudslinger is married to attorney for ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page

January 6th2 days ago

Customs agent arrested for carrying gun at ‘J6’ rally but won’t be prosecuted, report

Abortion Law2 days ago

Texas doctor sued after admitting to violating state’s abortion ban

News3 weeks ago

Hollywood Star Warns Hillary Clinton: “I’ve been in a hotel room with your husband, you are the enemy of what is good, right and moral”

Arizona Audit2 weeks ago

Officials In Arizona Demand Election Be Decertified

FBI4 days ago

Armed Man at Justice for J6 Rally Turns Out to Be Undercover FBI Agent

afghanistan4 weeks ago

[VIDEO] Cawthorn Directly Insults Biden On House Floor Over Afghanistan: ‘I’ll Say It Slowly Just For You’

MAGA3 weeks ago

Man Threatened With Arrest For Wearing MAGA Hat

Congress2 weeks ago

Pelosi said protestors who plan to attend the September 18 rally at the Capitol are “coming back to praise the people who were out to kill”

Football2 weeks ago

College Football Fans Across Nation Chant “F*** Joe Biden”

afghanistan3 weeks ago

New video shows US troops destroying vehicles before leaving Afghanistan

FBI2 weeks ago

Doocy Pulls Out FBI Wanted Poster And SLAMS Psaki For Kind Taliban Comments

Joe Biden1 week ago

Biden Gets Trolled by a Bunch of MAGA Kids

Congress7 days ago

Trump Screws Liz Cheney As Third Primary Challenger Drops Out Of Race After Heeding Trump’s Advice

News3 weeks ago

Over 220 retired Admirals and Generals call for Milley and Austin to resign immediately over Afghanistan

Biden Administration1 week ago

[VIDEO] Biden’s vaccine mandate is ‘backfiring’ | Brian Kilmeade Show

Congress3 weeks ago

Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Allow Names of 13 Marines to be Read Aloud on House Floor

Donald Trump4 weeks ago

Donald Trump Hits Back At Dems Jan. 6 Committee Demanding Personal Information, Contacts

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