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Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Out AOC To Debate Her Over Green New Deal

Freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has a lot of time on her hands these days because petty Democrats took the highly unusual step of stripping her of all of her committee assignments because she said some politically incorrect things about some politically incorrect conspiracies.

CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, and the New York Times traffic in fake news and wild conspiracy theories about ‘Russian collusion’ but Democrats in Washington, D.C., still watch and read them anyway.

In any event, Greene is attempting to put her free time to good use by doing something those lefty media outlets don’t do a good job of, which is informing the American people about relevant, important issues of the day.

As such, she has challenged fellow Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, self-described New York democratic socialist, to debate the ‘merits’ and pitfalls of the AOC’s Green New Deal, which is entirely appropriate given that Democrats and the Biden regime are attempting to implement huge chunks of it while disguising the various planks as “infrastructure.”

“@AOC I’d like to challenge you to a debate on the Green New Deal economic policy. Since you sponsored the Green New Deal and have a degree in Economics, I’m sure you are more than qualified,” Taylor-Greene wrote on Twitter in a short thread on Wednesday.

“I just have a degree in Business Admin and have owned a construction company for 20 years. A debate between AOC and I on the Green New Deal economic policy would be informative for the American People. They deserve to hear the two sides with pro’s and cons,” she continued.

“@AOC you can choose one moderator and I choose a moderator. Then we can negotiate a major news network to host the debate. Let’s do this for The People. What do you say?” Taylor-Greene asked.

As of this writing, Taylor-Greene had not been taken up on her offer, but it’s early.

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As for whether or not this would even be a productive debate, the answer is: Yes. Yes, it would be.

For one, it’s a debate that would draw a lot of attention even from a media that is laser-focused on Kamala Harris puff pieces about her wonderful crocheting abilities instead of why she isn’t doing what Biden tasked her with doing — handling the border crisis.

For another, it’s a debate that needs to be had. The plan put forth by AOC calls for multiple tens of trillions of dollars to be spent over a relatively short period of time. Many elements of the plan will dramatically impact the lives of all Americans, and in many negative ways (in terms of living our lives, expense, freedoms, etc.).

Finally, the debate would highlight the wide gulf between legitimate big government, authoritarian socialism/Marxism and legitimate smaller government, liberty-minded capitalism, and in real time. Taylor-Greene as a business owner can provide real-life, real-world examples of how economic policies do and do not work, while AOC can use the time to pontificate about perceived ‘social injustices’ of how a white privileged female lawmaker from Georgia got to own her own business in the first place.

No doubt it was “on the backs of persons of color.”

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