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Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his shredded body while filming ‘Road House’

Jake Gyllenhaal is looking combat-ready.

The 42-year-old actor took an already hyped T-Mobile Arena to a whole new level when he showed up with a shredded body.

Gyllenhaal was filming a scene for the upcoming movie “Road House,” a reimagined story of the 1989 hit starring Patrick Swayze.

In the now-viral video, Gyllenhaal, in true UFC weigh-in fashion, ran onto the stage pumped-up, ripped off his UFC sweatshirt and showed the crowd (and cameras), his ripped physique.

The “Brokeback Mountain” actor then stepped onto the scale, weighing in at 184 and a half pounds, just under the UFC max for a middleweight fighter.

The film features Elwood Dalton, a former UFC fighter, challenging middleweight belt against champion Jack Harris, played by former MMA world champion Jay Hieron.

Gyllenhaal flexes during his weigh-in.
Gyllenhaal flexes during his weigh-in.

Following the weigh-ins, UFC President Dana White, brought the two “fighters” together for the traditional face-off, only for Gyllenhaal’s character to jab Hieron in the face, prompting both fighters to be separated.

UFC play-by-play announcer, Jon Anik, quickly ran up to Gyllenhaal, asking if it was his intention to slap strike Hieron’s character.

“I can’t even believe I trained six weeks for this s-t, to fight this piece of s-t. Just give me the belt now. Come on motherf—ker. Let’s go,” Gyllenhaal said.

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UFC star Conor McGregor, who is believed to be the right-hand man for the film’s main antagonist, according to NewsAU, was also in attendance prior to the shoot.

“Las Vegas! Who’s ready for tomorrow night? We’ve got the biggest fight in Road House history, Harris versus Dalton UFC 222,” McGregor said. “Everyone in this arena, you’re about to be part of my movie that’s coming out with myself and Jake Gyllenhaal. A Joe Silver production, make sure to cheer for the weigh-ins and let’s go Las Vegas.”

“I want whatever designer PEDs Jake Gyllenhaal is on. Sheesh,” MMA Fighting deputy editor Shaheen Al-Shatti tweeted Friday.

“Jake Gyllenhaal who gave you permission?” another Twitter user wrote.

“More like Jacked Gyllenhall, amirite?” a third added.

Another fan named Nikki said compared Gyllenhall to his previous fighting movie from 2015 before others mentioned how similar it was to the one weigh-in scene in Swayze’s movie.

Gyllenhaal has a stare-down with Jay Hiero, on Friday while filming for "Road House."
Gyllenhaal has a stare-down with Jay Hiero, on Friday while filming for “Road House.”
MMA Junkie

“It would be impossible to take what made that movie a classic and make it again, let alone better,” one fan wrote.

“I have certain lines that I won’t cross, and this remake is on the wrong side,” said another user.

“How dare they tarnish one of the greatest movies ever made,” one Twitter user said.

“Wait, Remake? I don’t remember Swayze weighing in at a UFC event before his Shift at the Double Deuce,” a nod to the restaurant, Swayze’s character John Dalton worked at.

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By: Ny Post



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