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First son Hunter Biden’s incredibly suspicious art career couldn’t possibly get any more suspicious at this point, not if he were directly selling his artwork for billions of dollars to Iranian mullahs.

He’s not, as far as we know, but with the incredibly dubious means through which the Biden administration is vowing to establish ethics are preserved as he sells his mediocre work, there’s no telling who is buying it at this point.

This week, Fox News reported that Georges Bergès, the owner of the Manhattan art gallery where the problematic political son will be launching his new art career, declared in 2015 that he wanted to be the “lead guy” in China’s burgeoning art world (which is, apparently, a thing).

Not only is Bergès the proprietor of the establishment where Hunter’s paintings could be listed for as much as $500,000 — an astronomical sum for any artist, let alone an amateur — but he was also touted by the White House as the person they have trusted to make sure that there’s no potential for influence peddling as Hunter Biden, a man long accused of selling access to his powerful father and benefitting handsomely from his family name, sells the art he just started making five seconds ago for tens of thousands of dollars.

See what I mean? I couldn’t possibly make up something this absurd to add to the menagerie of reasons why we should be incredibly concerned about Hunter Biden’s art career as a matter of national security.

“White House officials have helped craft an agreement under which purchases of Hunter Biden’s artwork — which could be listed at prices as high as $500,000 — will be kept confidential from even the artist himself, in an attempt to avoid ethical issues that could arise as a presidential family member tries to sell a product with a highly subjective value,” The Washington Post reported earlier this month.

“Under an arrangement negotiated in recent months, a New York gallery owner is planning to set prices for the art and will withhold all records, including potential bidders and final buyers. The owner, Georges Bergès, has also agreed to reject any offer that he deems suspicious or that comes in over the asking price, according to people familiar with the agreement.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, as it happens, a lot; this is insanity, the world has gone mad. I can’t even believe this is real life at this point.

As Fox discovered, in 2015, Bergès told the bougie magazine Resident that as China’s influence over the world had grown economically, he had become fascinated with its art scene.

So this guy is totally the right person to make sure that Hunter Biden isn’t bought — a guy who has business ties to China, where Hunter Biden is accused of having been bought.

“China’s economy is transforming the global economy and everything is changing because of a rising China. But beyond that, what fascinates me is the cultural impact that China is having on the world. How is China affecting the global art community?” Bergès told interviewer George Wayne.

He explained he had been flying to the communist nation to “further my embrace of the rising China and its undisputable growing influence of contemporary art,” and that while power and money may “come and go,” “when you make a cultural impact on society, that lasts forever.”

“Cultural power is real power. That is the reason America continues to be the capital of the world, because of its influence on culture for generations and on an unrivaled global level,” he explained. “And I think more and more the Chinese are beginning to understand that cultural innovation will power their future cultural influence across continents. And what will drive that cultural empowerment?”

This is actually remarkably insightful about the means through which China is managing to sneak its influence into Western society, but that’s a topic for another day.

Bergès, who also told Quest magazine in 2015 that he had been flying to China regularly, was also quoted in the Bejing mouthpiece China Daily for his work with an event that promoted Chinese artists whose work he described as “not just pretty objects to create, but [that] also challenge the locals’ perceptions of what China is and the institutions they live with.”

Given this is Chinese Communist Party-run news, it’s unlikely he meant that the perceptions “challenged” by this meaningful artwork were those favorable to the authoritarian regime, it is worth noting.

In 1998, Bergès was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and making “terrorist threats,” although the latter charge was later dismissed, according to the New York Post.

In 2018, however, he settled out of court with investor Ingrid Arneberg after the latter accused Bergès of defrauding her for $500,000 in 2016.

Again, this is the guy who has pinky-promised the White House that neither Hunter Biden nor the American public will ever know who buys the first son’s amateur artwork by way of assurance that there won’t be any influence peddling going on.

A guy who loves the Chinese art scene, flies to China frequently and aspires to greatness in the Chinese art world.

Meanwhile, do not forget that Hunter Biden himself still owns stake in a Chinese private equity firm that the Biden camp promised he would unload before his father took office. If he’s selling his paintings to CCP-linked buyers, I wonder how much the “big guy” is going to get this time — or how dangerous such a deal could be for our country?

By the way, even if it were ethical to merely keep the names of art buyers private from Hunter Biden and the public, this week, a spokesperson for Georges Bergès gallery told CBS News that the artist is “looking forward” to attending his openings, where prospective buyers will also be. So even this flimsy, pathetic promise that Hunter will be carefully kept away from rich people who want to buy his paintings has gone completely out the window.

I can only imagine what Jen Psaki is going to have to say this time to try to keep her finger in the dam.



Blinken grilled on Hunter Biden-FBI report: GOP Rep. Perry says ‘American people ought to know’




Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., caused a brief uproar during Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s congressional hearing on Monday. The congressman pivoted from questions about Afghanistan to asking about a report he’s seen regarding Blinken potentially being summoned by the FBI regarding his relationship with President Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Perry joined “Fox News Primetime” to explain the report and Blinken’s response, after regretting the fact the committee’s Democratic Chairman Rep. Gregory Meeks, N.Y., cut him off when he attempted to change the subject to Hunter Biden and his foreign business dealings.

During the hearing, the House Foreign Affairs Committee member asked bluntly, “How long was your recent interview with the FBI and was it a deposition?”

Perry recalled to host Lawrence Jones that Blinken’s facial expression changed when he asked the question.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know to what you are referring,” the secretary responded.

“Are you saying that you have not had a recent interview with the FBI since becoming secretary of state?” Perry asked.

Blinken appeared to stutter before asking if Perry would consider discussing the topic “offline” – adding that he could not comment either way about legal proceedings and whether or not they exist.

The sudden change in topic caused Meeks, to slam his gavel and reprimand Perry:

“Let me remind the gentleman that the topic of this hearing is Afghanistan,” Meeks said.

Perry replied that he was therefore simply asking about Hunter Biden because Blinken “generally refuses to answer questions about Afghanistan.”

“So I just figured we would talk about something he should be intimately familiar with,” Perry told Meeks.

On “Fox News Primetime”, Perry added that Blinken’s behavior in that exchange and the hearing writ large makes him a “poor excuse for a secretary of state.”

“He wasn’t going to answer any questions realistically on the horrific failure of Afghanistan so I thought I would talk to him about something that I knew was reported, that he had had conversations with the FBI and that potentially they have called him back in because something is not matching up regarding his relationship with Hunter Biden,” he said. “The fact that he has had a close relationship with Hunter Biden when he was assistant secretary of state regarding events in Ukraine, that’s very concerning to the American people and I think we ought to know what it is.”

Jones asked Perry whether it is standard procedure for a chairman such as Greg Meeks to interrupt other lawmakers in that way.

“Well, what’s procedure is by Democrats and you look they all close rank no matter how horrific the policy is — 13 dead Marines, America’s reputation being dragged across the world stage, they all close ranks and do whatever is necessary to support the failed policy and their president Joe Biden,” he said. “They don’t care about the American people. They care about the power that they have and they are not going to let anybody assail their secretary of state, you know, on an open mic, so, yeah, [Meeks] had to cut it off.”

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[VIDEO] Blinken caught off guard by Hunter Biden question during Afghanistan hearing




After he pressed the Secretary of State for visiting the Congressional hearing on Afghanistan virtually, Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania pressed Antony Blinken on alleged interviews with the FBI and about Hunter Biden.

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Hunter Biden Under Investigation By House Oversight and Reform Committee



Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is about to come under more scrutiny than he ever has before.

That is because Republican members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee have started investigating “possible undue White House influence” involved with the coming sale of some of Hunter’s artwork, CBS News reported.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer penned a letter to Georges Bergès, the gallerist who is handling the sales of Biden’s paintings, requesting that he give the committee documents pertaining to his communications with Hunter and the White House by September 21.

“The New York Times recently profiled your gallery regarding its sale of paintings by Hunter Biden, who overnight has become an artist and member of the avant-garde. As you are undoubtedly aware, the president’s son selling artwork has generated numerous questions surrounding the ethics and propriety of such actions. The Committee has previously requested documents and information from the White House, and as owner of the art gallery selling Mr. Biden’s work, we write to request documents and information from you,” the Congressman said in the letter.

“The Georges Bergès Gallery, described by the Times as ‘a relatively little-known newcomer’ to New York’s art scene, will sell fifteen works from the ‘fledgling artist,’ Mr. Biden, who ‘happens’ to be the president’s son. Though the White House has attempted to allay concerns about the appearance of selling access to the president by developing guidelines for your gallery, these guidelines actually create more obscurity for the buyers of Mr. Biden’s compositions, each of which—at their lowest prices—exceeds the median annual income for the American household.  According to the Times, the prices, ranging from $75,000 to $500,000, are an “eyebrow raiser” and involve sums that other artists—with ‘real careers’—may not even ‘sell . . . cumulatively over 10 years.’

“The prices your gallery has set for these pieces by a new, untrained, celebrity artist are unprecedented. One New York art adviser said such prices are ‘sort of insulting to the art ecosystem, as if anyone could do it.’ Mr. Biden himself admitted that he would be ‘amazed if [his] art had sold for $10.’ The prices your gallery will be charging for Mr. Biden’s work are thousands of times greater than the artist’s own valuation of his work, underscoring the prices you chose and raising further questions about possible influence-seeking by those purchasing the art,” he said.

“Mr. Biden made clear his opinion of those who would evaluate his motives, saying ‘f— ‘em’ on a recent podcast. This is an insult to all other artists—those who have trained and worked for years to establish themselves in the art world. Given Mr. Biden’s previous roles as lawyer, lobbyist, and ill-defined executive for an international fossil fuel corporation, the latest chapter in—as you describe it—his ‘heroic journey’ is subject to skepticism,” he said.

He asked the broker to help “with its investigation of possible undue White House influence.”

He requested “All documents and communications between you, the Georges Bergès Gallery (or agents thereof) and the White House, including a copy of the ethics guidelines; All documents and communications between you, the Georges Bergès Gallery (or agents thereof) and Mr. Biden; All guidelines, agreements, contracts, or other documents executed by you or the Georges Bergès Gallery (or agents thereof) in connection with Mr. Biden; All documents and communications pertaining to setting the prices for Mr. Biden’s art; A copy of the ethics guidelines, created in conjunction with the White House, pertaining to Mr. Biden’s art; Documents sufficient to show who attended the opening of Mr. Biden’s shows; and Documents sufficient to show who purchased Mr. Biden’s artwork.”

But because the Republicans are in the minority they do not have subpoena power and would need the Democrats’ help in getting the information if the broker did not comply.

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