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While Leftists decry the #TexasAbortionLaw for empowering private entities to enforce prohibitions that the state cannot itself constitutionally enforce, this is exactly what the Biden administration is doing when it empowers private entities to practice censorship that the state itself cannot constitutionally practice.

The left is not tolerant of anyone that does not go along with them. Democrats believe they are above the law and above citizens in our country. If you go against the Democrat Party agenda, they attack. The core of the Democrat Party is based on corruption and Marxist/Socialism/Communism: Followers’ Comment.



An Online Investigator Exposes A Troubling Connection – The Dan Bongino Show




An explosive connection was found by an investigator I trust. In this episode, I address the disturbing details. I also address the latest poll showing Democrats are obsessed with living in fear.

Dan the Man! Oh and I also want to make a comment on one thing. Don’t apologize for when you’re ticked off and are talking crap about the left. We all are pissed and we all feel the same way. No need to apologize for being yourself, Dan. Speak your truth;

FBI Agent Busted! Capitol police detained a person after he was reported as having a handgun at the J6 protest in Washington DC last week. He was searched by Capitol Police and his FBI badge and ID were found; he was then asked where his weapon was and if he was there undercover or was there as part of the protest. He answered: “I’m just here.” then told them his weapon was in his cargo pants pocket. That answer tells me that he was there not only on official business but that business was to start something like the Jan 6 riot. Just like Jan 6th, armed government provocateurs (FBI Agents) infiltrated conservative patriotic protests and looked very much like Antifa, not patriots; If they were there to infiltrate the patriots, wouldn’t they want to look like the protesters who belong to that group? If you were there to be a provocateur and wanted to stir up trouble, you would look like the FBI looked; full, black mask, white sunglasses, just very punk; Also, he must have done something to stand out and be reported as having a weapon. Makes you wonder how many agents partook in the riots in Portland, NYC, Minneapolis, and elsewhere. It’s totally messed up when, an honest citizen can’t trust the government, never thought I’d see the day but I’m not terribly surprised with the Biden regime: Followers’ comments

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Listen to What Over 100,000 Unafraid People Sound Like




Now, this is a “virus” that I wish would spread around the world.

The youth of America….what a beautiful sound. Awakening…. “not woke”.

We’re on the same side but there are two things I would like to bring out. First, at this point, the Democrats would likely love for an open and violent rebellion. It would play right into their hands and their false narrative that the conservatives are the biggest threat and national danger. Plus it would give them the opportunity to use national emergency powers and take over completely. Second, who in their right mind wants to step up and be the first bullet stopper for the cause? You? I don’t. There may come a day when we have to fight for our freedom and liberty again though I am hoping and praying it will be resolved peacefully. But there is still hope that the bullets and bloodshed won’t be necessary.

In the meantime, I think what we see here is exactly what we need. Thousands of young showing they get it. Or at least they are finally feeling and understanding what it is like to have or not have freedom and liberty: Followers’ comments

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[VIDEO] Levin: The Democratic Party is the enemy of the Declaration of Independence




The ‘Life Liberty & Levin’ host reads excerpts from his book, ‘American Marxism’.

“The Democratic Party is the enemy of the Declaration of Independence” : Levin

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