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“Give Me A Break!”…Doctor Mocks Biden For Wearing A Mask Outside, Alone [Video]

Stuart Varney of Fox Business interviewed Dr. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor, who is fed up with the idiocy from Joe Biden when it comes to wearing a mask.

Varney said, “All right President Biden gave, some would call it, a bizarre response when asked why he wore a mask outside after the CDC said you don’t have to do that…Roll tape…”

A clip of a reporter asking Biden: “You chose to wear a mask as you walked out here. What message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone?”

Biden responded: “And watching me take it off and not put it back on till I get inside.

Varney introduces Dr. Makary, who says what everyone is thinking:

“The president’s, in my opinion, I think he was sending a confusing message…”

The doctor says the CDC’s new guidance on masks is confusing enough without Biden making people more confused. He concludes that “we need better messaging” on masks and goes on to give facts about why masks should not be worn outside.

“We have lost our bearings. We have a completely distorted perception of risk.”


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