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Fully Vaccinated Jesse Jackson And His Wife Hospitalized After Testing Positive With Covid [VIDEO]

WGN9 News out of Chicago reports that Jesse Jackson and his wife are hospitalized after testing positive for Covid19.

79- year-old Jackson and his wife Jaqueline-77 are at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital where they are being monitored after testing positive for Covid19, according to a statement released by Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition.

Mr. Jackson received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in January in a much-publicized event in an effort meant to encourage black people to get vaccinated, according to NBC News.

This story has Twitter lit up with leftists arguing that this “breakthrough” case would’ve been much worse had Jackson not been vaccinated, while others make the case that it is the vaccine that caused him to get sick in the first place.

Wait… I thought the vaccinated had light cases if any at all…..

They do most of the time. He is 79, age plays a role. He would probably be dead from it if he didn’t have the vaccine.

Wait until these double vaxxers end up being the worst struck because of leaking. They want us all vaxxed so they can’t be blamed.

Regardless of what put them in the hospital, we wish the Jacksons a full recovery.


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