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France gifting U.S. a second Statue of Liberty for Independence Day, ‘little sister’

Asecond Statue of Liberty, one-sixteenth the size of the world famous original on Liberty Island, is being gifted to the U.S. from France and will be known as the “little sister” of the original.

The National Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris on Monday loaded the 992-pound structure into a special container for transportation. The replica was first made in 2009 and had been on display in the museum for several years. 

Between July 1 and 5, the 10-foot-tall, bronze statue will be installed on Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants, largely from Europe, arrived during the early 20th century. Today, both islands attract tourists who ride the ferry and learn about the historical importance. 

“The statue symbolizes freedom and the light around all the world,” said Olivier Faron, general administrator of the CNAM. “We want to send a very simple message: Our friendship with the United States is very important, particularly at this moment. We have to conserve and defend our friendship.”

The statue’s final destination will be Washington, D.C, where it will be on display for 10 years at the French ambassador’s residence, according to CNN.



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