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Fed Up Russians Take Twitter to Court And Win

Before you get too excited, 3.2 million rubles only comes out to about $42,000. Comrade Jack probably spends that on a nice night out in the Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, Twitter did not offer any immediate comments. Their PR department did drag out the usual ‘we’re worried about what this does to free speech in Russia’ trope. How tone-deaf are they to be concerned about free speech in Russia while stomping all over it here?

Twitter also denied they have allowed their platform to be used illegally. I guess that’s not including ISIS and the other State-sponsored terrorists who fly the bluebird on Mr. Dorsey’s dime.

The more significant issue is we are not even two months removed from the government of India slapping down Twitter because they wanted to ban specific speech. We have two foreign governments taking official sanctions against the Big Tech giant while our government does nothing to stop Twitter from removing individuals it dislikes.

When Jack is willing to defend ISIS, fight the Russians, but ban President Trump and Mike Lindell, there is a problem. Free speech, anyone?

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