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He’s at it again! Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks he’s the boss of America and can tell us all what to do. He was just on ‘Face The Nation’ where he said it’s not clear if Christmas gatherings should be canceled yet.

Now, he’s on record saying, “There comes a time when you have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision.”

During a virtual lecture at a Canadian university titled “Covid-19: Lessons Learned and Remaining Challenges,” Dr. Fauci  made the stunning comment about individual rights:

Dr. Fauci’s message for Canadians opposed to COVID vaccine mandates and passports: “there comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision.”


— Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) October 3, 2021

He also wants to decide about Christmas gatherings for everyone:

Dr. Anthony Fauci dropped a comment during an interview on ‘Face The Nation’ that will have Americans in disbelief. Fauci wants to keep the fearmongering going on COVID until the midterms, so he’s saying that it’s too soon to tell if Christmas gatherings should be canceled. Perhaps the question was worded wrong because people won’t be canceling Christmas over ANYTHING…much less anything Fauci has to say about COVID. No, Anthony Fauci, you don’t get to control Christmas.

Note that the title on the screen says, ‘AMERICA IN CRISIS’ when the real crisis is the 800K illegals who are predicted to come to our border during the month of October.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. Like so many other lifers in DC who have been feeding off the government teet for decades. He happens to be the highest-paid government employee.

Disney+ is producing a documentary on Fauci. In an interview to promote the documentary, Fauci revealed he is also writing his memoirs but cannot publish anything until he retires.

The documentary is a fluff piece on Fauci as a young clinician where there are interviews of him talking about how much he loves his job. Fauci has called it ‘an honest, down-to-earth documentary.’ It’s all smoke and mirrors.

At one point, to garner sympathy for Fauci, he is shown lip quivering and looking like he’s fighting back tears during a discussion on AIDS. No, he isn’t emotional when discussing COVID and the threats to his family. This is the guy who helped fund the Wuhan Lab and the gain of function research connected to the origins of COVID. The reality is that this government lifer cares about saving his a** and not taking responsibility for his involvement in the COVID pandemic.

A short trailer showing clips of the lip quivering incident:

This fluff piece to try and gain sympathy is shameful.

Tucker Carlson recently called out Fauci and his involvement with gain of function research:

Tucker Carlson does the reporting that the leftist media refuses to do regarding coronavirus origins. He calls out the key players in the dangerous scientific experiments into gain of function research.

The most shocking part of Carlson’s commentary is when he mentions several U.S. government officials suppressed information that would have helped expose the truth about how the coronavirus was released. Vanity Fair reports that State Department officials chose politics and money over what’s most important for Americans to know.

The best line of the night…”This is Frankenstein stuff and should be stopped immediately.”

The U.S. taxpayers were funding the Wuhan lab that produced the deadly virus that killed millions? This is truly Frankenstein research that needs to be stopped!



Rand Paul Introduces New Bill to FIRE FAUCI



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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci: “We May Need to Boost Again. That’s Entirely Conceivable” [WATCH]



The opposition against continued booster shots continues to grow.  Last week, the World Health Organization joined the EU in opposing continued booster shots.  Despite this, Fauc continues to push booster shots as a solution to ending the Covid-19 pandemic.  Today, Fauci advocated for pushing another booster shot after vaccines have failed to decrease infections thus far.  The Gateway Pundit Reports

“Dr. Fauci said it’s “entirely conceivable” that Americans will need another booster shot during his appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We may need to boost again. That’s entirely conceivable,” Dr. Fauci told “This Week” host Martha Raddatz.

“Before we make that decision about yet again another boost, we want to determine clearly what the durability of protection is of that regular boost,” he added.

Just in time for the CDC’s update on the definition of “fully vaccinated.”

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Friday announced the definition of fully vaccinated is being changed to include the Covid booster shot.

“And what we are really working to do is pivot the language to make sure that everybody is as up to date with their Covid-19 vaccines and they personally could be based on when they got their last vaccine,” Walensky said.

She continued, “So importantly right now, we are pivoting our language, we really want to make sure people are up to date. That means if you recently got your second dose, you are not eligible for a booster, you’re up to date. If you are eligible for a booster and you haven’t gotten it, YOU’RE NOT UP TO DATE and you need to get your booster in order to be up to date.”

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Donald Trump

Trump Rally Chants Lock Him Up When Kari Lake Threatens To Arrest Him




These are the opinions and ramblings of a lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.

Liz Harrington: “When I am your governor, there will be no mandates and no lockdowns. Actually, let me revise that just a little bit. I want to lock somebody down. And it’s that liar, Dr. Fauci.” 🔥🔥🔥 @KariLake

hopefully, he will be the arrest that shocks the world;

The “shot” heard around the world;

I won’t hold my breath. For how long did people chant “lock her up?”
Never any accountability for our rulers. Chants and glitter paint signs won’t get the job done;

We need to be more focused on the evil we are fighting here. Fauci is a criminal, but he is well protected by the regime. We aren’t anywhere near holding these people to account. We really need to focus on what we are doing here, early revenge chants aren’t getting it done: Followers’ Comments.

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