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President Joe Biden is the root cause of today’s COVID-19 superspreader extravaganza on the southern frontier. His come-and-get-it, no-borders policy offers a laurel and hearty welcome to COVID-infected illegal aliens. 

Biden’s red carpet for COVID carriers on the US-Mexico boundary — atop his mandatory vaccines for U.S. military personnel and vaccination papers for lawful foreign visitors — epitomizes hypocrisy, reckless endangerment, and quite likely negligent homicide.

McAllen,Texas Republican Mayor Javier Villalobos issued a Declaration of Local Disaster on August 2. 

According to a municipal-government statement published on Wednesday: “Since mid-February of 2021, there have been over 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive immigrants released into the city of McAllen by CPB [Customs and Border Protection], including over 1,500 new cases in the past seven days.”

Also, 135 illegals in CBP’s Rio Grande Valley sector tested positive for COVID-19 in July’s first half, up 900 percent versus the previous 14 months.

Patrons at a Whataburger restaurant in La Joya, Texas, fretted on July 26 when several other diners coughed, sneezed, and failed to wear masks. A concerned citizen waved down law enforcement after observing this. According to police who responded, these migrants said they were caught by the Border Patrol, released, and then tested positive for COVID.

“No one told the police department that these people were here,” La Joya Police Sergeant Manuel Casas complained. These and other illegal immigrants were guests of Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley and were housed at La Joya’s Texas Inn & Suites. 

Sergeant Casas told Fox News: “The information we have is that everyone that is staying in that hotel is COVID-19 positive because it’s being rented out for them.”

not everybody has symptoms that has it,” Border Patrol union leader Chris Cabrera said July 31 on “Cavuto Live,” “We are releasing people out the door — day in, day out — with actual positive tests for COVID, and more just keep popping up.”

Catholic Charities and other private outfits largely conduct COVID tests on illegal immigrants, such as they occur.

Statistics on this crisis are chilling. They confirm that COVID is more common and less inoculated against in countries whose people are busiest busting through the border.

•In America, as of Friday’s seven-day running average, there were 30 new C-19 infections reported daily per 100,000 people. Among the top five nations whose citizens the Border Patrol has encountered since October:

-Mexico — 85

-Honduras — 102

-Guatemala — 107

-El Salvador — 26

-Ecuador — 40

•Reuters reports that 50.3 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID. Elsewhere? Not so good:

-Mexico — 26.7 percent

-Honduras — 9.8 percent

-Guatemala — 6.9 percent

-El Salvador — 34.7 percent

-Ecuador — 33.8 percent

•COVID tests are running 7.1 percent positive in America.

-Mexico — 35.5 percent

-Guatemala — 19.6 percent

What about the other eight of 10 top nationalities encountered at the US-Mexico border? Our world in Data, associated with Oxford University, has no such current information. Some countries lack the expertise and/or resources for such reliable tracking.

Citing a document briefed to Biden on Thursday, NBC News reported Saturday: “More than 18 percent of migrant families and 20 percent of unaccompanied minors who recently crossed the U.S. Border tested positive for COVID on leaving Border Patrol custody over the past two to three weeks.”

Even worse, Axios reports, 30 percent of ICE detainees refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

What chutzpah! Nearly one third of these people, most of whom ran across the border, spurn the shot that American authorities expect them to take — to protect U.S. citizens, and as part of being processed. How dare they? Who do these people think they are?

Furthermore, social distancing is a distant memory for today’s invading army of illegal aliens. They are being stacked in stash houses, packed in tractor trailers, and backed into federal facilities, sometimes at 600 percent of capacity.

It appears that COVID-positive illegal immigrants are rarely quarantined. Instead, they enjoy taxpayer-funded bus and airplane rides to cities across America. They reach their destinations after Team Biden neither asks permission of nor even alerts relevant state and local officials. 

These jurisdictions then must cope with COVID-19-positive foreign citizens who have broken into America and instantly become health burdens on communities already reeling under this pandemic, the delta variant, and a range of other socio-economic-medical nightmares that hardly need illegal aliens to exacerbate their cost and complexity.

“I am alarmed and extremely concerned by recent reports of illegal immigrants being released from local detention facilities in West Texas and transported to the Abilene community in my District. It is my understanding that illegal immigrants are arriving at bus stations, the Abilene Airport, and other places within our community where they are free to travel anywhere in the United States,” Rep. Jodey Arrington, R-Texas wrote DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on August 5. (Mayorkas has repeatedly insisted, “The border is closed.”)

“The lack of communication and transparency surrounding this process is entirely unacceptable,” Arrington continued. “Your agency failed to notify myself or any other local officials of these activities, leaving us unable to answer the concerns of our constituents in the communities we represent.”

Among the questions Arrington could not address and for which “I expect immediate answers”… 

*”Is every illegal immigrant tested for COVID-19 before being released into the Big Country?

*”With the Delta variant spreading rapidly throughout Texas and the nation, what is the protocol for an illegal immigrant who tests positive for COVID-19?”

In yet another destructive turn, Biden’s Justice Department successfully sued to stop a measure by Texas Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott, that would have let police officers halt cars that they reasonably suspected were carrying COVID19-positive illegal immigrants. Federal judge Kathleen Cardone agreed with DOJ. 

So, for now, COVID-19-positive illegal immigrants may drive around wherever they want and share the virus as they go.

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 takes a far-back seat to Biden’s No. 1 priority: Inviting as many Future Democrats of America to breach the border and, later or sooner, vote for Left-wing candidates and causes. 

Biden and his ilk crave one thing above all else: Total Democrat control. 

If COVID-infected illegal aliens sicken or even kill American citizens, they couldn’t care less, as long as the Donkey Party eventually winds up in the Winner’s Circle. 

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, America’s most accomplished political chief executive, treated Biden last week with all the contempt that he so richly deserves for simultaneous sanctimoniousness and total disregard for the health and safety of the American people. 

“Joe Biden has taken to himself to try to single out Florida over COVID,” DeSantis told journalists Wednesday in Panama City. “This is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to shut down the virus,” DeSantis added. “And what has he done? He’s imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border.”

“Why don’t you do your job?” DeSantis demanded of Biden. “Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you.” 

COVID-19 is an invisible foreign enemy at war with America. Joe Biden’s superspreader border policies are giving this deadly virus aid and comfort. 

The president of the United States is guilty of bio-treason.

Source : Fox News



Trump Insists ‘Gross Incompetence’ Caused Pandemic




Former President Donald Trump said in a recent interview with Sky News Australia that COVID-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and claimed it was released due to “gross incompetence.”

Trump said, “Some of the intelligence is classified and I can’t talk about it, but it most likely, and when I say most likely, like 95%, came from the Wuhan lab. I don’t know if they had bad thoughts or whether it was gross incompetence, but one way or the other it came out of Wuhan, it came from the Wuhan lab. I started hearing stories … that there were lots of body bags outside of the lab. I heard that a long time ago. And if they did in fact have body bags, that was one little indication wasn’t it?”

He added, “I think it was probably an accident, I don’t think it was on purpose. If it was, that’s essentially war.”

Trump also shared his own theory about how the pandemic may have started.

“A scientist walked out and had lunch outside in a park or something with the girlfriend, and he had it and she had it,” he said.

“I don’t know if it was patient zero or patient something else, but that’s one theory. I think that it was incompetence. I think that it escaped from the lab through incompetence.”

Trump went on to criticize the World Health Organization and its leader, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, claiming that “the WHO is owned and controlled by China. I dropped out of the World Health Organization. I thought it was ridiculous. They were late, they were wrong. They were like a mouthpiece for China.”

Sky News Australia also interviewed Trump’s former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who said that Tedros was “deeply beholden” to the Chinese government.

“Dr. Tedros owed his leadership role at the WHO to deals that were cut with the Chinese Communist Party. Dr. Tedros couldn’t have been that next leader without the support of the Chinese Communist Party,” he said, adding that the WHO “weren’t willing to demand from the Chinese Communist Party that they be given access. They failed, they failed because of the absence of backbone and resolve and the world is deeply worse off for this. This was the tragedy, the central tragedy of the end of ’19 and the beginning of ’20. It became political, not scientific. It became driven by personal incentives and not the dataset.”

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SCARY Conditions Of Australian Quarantine Camps




It’s inhumane.

Australia should have NEVER GAVE UP THEIR FIREARMS!!! America, let this be Our Example!!!!;

Yeah, can you imagine law enforcement in the US track down armed people to put them into camps? I don’t think so. 🙂
We all know what their goal is, total control, and us being armed gets in the way of that;

If you don’t fight now you will have a much worse fight to stop what is about to come: Followers’ Comment.

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Doctors report drug ivermectin proving effective as a treatment against COVID despite media backlash




While the media and Democrats come out against the use of the drug ivermectin to treat the coronavirus, some doctors say it’s actually quite safe and effective. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

Thank you for being willing to cover these doctors rather than censor them. Also thanks for calling it what it is: “China virus.”;

I’ve followed Ivermectin for a year on the actual science sites and been alarmed for the first time in a long life that our agencies and medical institutions prefer to let many thousands of people die instead of early-treating (or prophylaxis them) with this benign drug. Procuring Ivermectin and information about it has been actively suppressed by our government and Big Tech (but I repeat myself) when they knew it could have saved tens of thousands. The learning curve is a bit longer to understand about this med, but I’m appreciative that so many are FINALLY getting this information: Followers’ Comment.

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