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COVID-Positive Illegal Immigrants Are Released Into U.S….Given Bus and Plane Tickets

Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported how COVID-positive illegal immigrants are being released into the U.S. and given bus and plane tickets during a Fox News “America Reports” segment with Sandra Smith. Also exclusive photos below from Breitbart News of illegals being shuttled around.

Catholic Charities of McAllen, Texas, keeps flushing illegals out to cities across America where they could be infecting Americans. This is happening while restrictions are being placed on legal Americans to wear masks.

This is an invasion, and Democrats are in charge…NEVER FORGET!

A non-profit in West Texas is ignoring the governor’s mandate and is shuttling illegals around:

The Border Patrol is forced to release illegals if a detention center is overcrowded. This is a non-stop invasion that must be stopped.

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