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An influx of migrants has wreaked havoc on a Brooklyn soup kitchen that serves as a lifeline for the needy in Gowanus and Park Slope, The Post has learned.

The privately run Community Help in Park Slope has been stressed to the limit since some 300 asylum seekers moved to a nearby hotel — leaving staff scrambling to provide food and clothes and local clients worried they might not be able to get meals.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see that these migrants are coming on the line and we’re seeing the kids with no shoes, no jackets on,” said Pauline Auguste, director of food services at the group, known as CHiPS.

“It’s heart wrenching — we try to accommodate them as much as we can with hats, gloves, and socks.”

The kitchen — which also provides clothing — has been doing its best to deal with the influx of clients, but is hoping the city can do more to assist.

“We need help,” Auguste said when asked if he had any words for city officials. “Come and visit the soup kitchen. Come and talk to the people on the line so you can see the strain that it’s putting on small non profits like ours.”

Throngs of people lined up outside the kitchen
Hundreds of asylum seekers had overwhelmed the CHiPS soup kitchen in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
Paul Martinka for NY Post

The line wraps around the block
The line of hungry migrants and New Yorkers in need stretched around the block Tuesday afternoon.
Paul Martinka for NY Post

A picture of the Holiday Inn Express
Some 300 migrants were being housed around the corner at a 625 Union Street Holiday Inn Express that had been converted into an emergency migrant shelter by the city.
Paul Martinka for NY Post

The non-profit was spending up to $800 more every week on eggs, bread, coffee and sugar for breakfast, and was relying on local donations to help the arrivals from the southern border meet their basic clothing needs, the director said.

“Before we were serving 60-180 people a day, but we always used to make extra so we can give people double. Now we’re serving over 300 plus. So we have seen a significant change,” he said.

“We really try to give everybody a meal, we don’t want to turn anyone away. But it has been strenuous on us and the staff having to serve that surplus of 100 more.”

New York City has seen over 41,600 asylum seekers arrive in the boroughs since the spring, and has opened 77 emergency shelters and four Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers, with two more on the way in Midtown Manhattan and at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, officials said Monday.

Staffers at the soup kitchen said they had been serving the migrants since around Thanksgiving, and just saw a new influx on Saturday.

Migrants could be seen Tuesday carrying their food back to their temporary, tax-payer-funded shelter at a Holiday Inn Express on Union Street, which is just a block from the Sackett Street soup kitchen.

One mother of two children — who arrived on Saturday — said the food at the hotel shelter wasn’t good.

“My kids don’t like the food here. My friend told me about the (soup) kitchen,” she said as she pushed a stroller after getting a meal at CHiPS.

Chef Matthew Caban said he was initially hired to make up to 200 plates a day. Lately, he had been making at least 300 — and staying later than scheduled.

“The lines are around the corner. We’re supposed to shut down at 1 p.m.,” said Caban. “I left yesterday at 2 p.m.; we were still putting out plates and the line went around the corner.” 

A migrant man, who only identified himself as Angel, said “not enough,” when asked by The Post about the food being given out at the shelter. 

A man named David who had been coming to this soup kitchen for years said the scene had recently “become too much” amid the influx.

“They had to stop the breakfast line, in order to start the lunch line,” David said.

“They’re migrants; they’re coming into the community and eventually they will become a part of the community, but right now they are not set up to feed them.”

“As far as I know, they are not getting no help from the city. We have a mayor that is struggling right now and he’s asking for federal assistance. At what point do we say enough is enough?,” he rhetorically asked.

David said the soup kitchen was an anchor in the community and staffers do their best to “not let anyone go hungry.” Recently, however, “it’s getting to a point where it’s too crazy,” he said.

“They used to give out one hot meal and one cold meal. They can’t do that anymore. Now they’re only giving out one hot meal because it’s too many people. That second meal used to come in handy. You sleeping on the train, in the doorways, that second meal used to come in handy.” 

Shanice Smith, the branch director of development, also appealed to the city for assistance.

“It’s putting a strain on us because they are coming to us with more than just needs for food. They are coming with needs for clothing, needs for resources, they need translation so we can communicate with them, that we currently don’t have or have the staff capacity for. So I think it’s really hard for us,” Smith said.

“I know the city is strapped but we need more resources, we need more funds, we need more support. We need everything — advocates, everything.”

Mayor Adams, who had recently visited El Paso, Texas for a first hand look at the nation’s surging migrant crisis, had said its impact on the city amounted to a “disaster” last week.

Adams said the Federal Emergency Management Agency had yet to act on his request for $1 billion to offset the cost of sheltering migrants.

The city had spent $366 million on the migrant crisis as of last month, Budget Director Jacques Jiha said. FEMA had refunded the city $8 million of that expense, the feds had said.

By: Ny Post



Tennessee pro-life center funding – One America News Network




Tennessee Governor Bill Lee gives the command to start engines prior to the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race at Bristol Motor Speedway on July 15, 2020 in Bristol, Tennessee. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)
Tennessee Governor Bill Lee gives the command to start engines prior to the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race at Bristol Motor Speedway on July 15, 2020 in Bristol, Tennessee. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

OAN Roy Francis
9:14 AM PT – Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee has proposed establishing a $100 million grant program for pro-life crisis center in his state.

Bill Lee (R-Tenn.) unveiled his plan, stating that his state has a “moral obligation” to support families. Under this plan, Tennessee would transform into “one of the top spending states” on organizations that support pregnant women who are in need of help and resources to keep their babies, rather than making the choice of abortion.

“Pro-life is much more than defending the lives of the unborn,” Lee said. “This is not a matter of politics. This is about human dignity.”

Another part of the plan is to expand “paid parental leave for state employees and widening the Medicaid eligibility for pregnant women and parents.”

“If approved,” the governor explained. “Tennessee will be the first Medicaid program in the nation to implement this kind of support. That’s pro-life. That’s pro-family,”

The governor’s administration also will demand that the federal government pay the cost of diapers for Medicaid recipients for a period of up to two years.

The governor, who is on the advisory board for a crisis pregnancy center, said that his other priorities include teacher pay raise, upgrading the state’s transportation system, and cleaning up toxic waste at industrial sites.

“We can have a healthy debate about the policy specifics, but we can also agree that America is rooted in a commitment to human dignity,” Lee said later on. “There was a significant shift in this country last year when it comes to protecting the lives of the unborn. We now all have an opportunity and a moral obligation to support strong Tennessee families.”

This plan was unveiled during Lee’s annual State of the State address which was held in front of the Republican-led legislature.

The governor touts his state as “a guiding light for opportunity, security & freedom” and laid out his agenda going forward, which was met with protests from the Democrats in the state of Tennessee.


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Columbia student from Syria loses nieces, sister-in-law in earthquake




A 28-year-old Syrian student at Columbia University lost his two young nieces and their mom in the devastating earthquake that has claimed at least 11,000 lives in his country and neighboring Turkey.

Hussein Akoush, a student at the Ivy League school in Manhattan since 2021, told The Daily Beast that he was sent into a “panic” when a friend texted him about “massive destruction” in his hometown of Al-Atarib in northwestern Aleppo.

“I saw the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8. At this point, I realized it was huge,” he told the outlet.

“I had to check in on my family in Syria. So I sent messages to all my sisters and my brother, but none of them received my messages,” said Akoush, who moved to Turkey in 2016 and then to the Big Apple in 2021 to study neuroscience.

Hussein Akoush, 28, a Columbia University student who lost his two nieces and their mom in the earthquake.
Hussein Akoush, 28, a Syrian student at Columbia University, lost his two young nieces and their mom in the devastating earthquake.

He finally heard from his uncle, who said, “‘Don’t worry, we’re fine, your mother and your sister are well,” Akoush told The Daily Beast.

“‘Your brother’s building collapsed but we managed to take him out of the ruins. But we know nothing about his wife and two daughters,’” he said his uncle told him.

Eventually, he learned that his nieces — 6-year-old Sedra and 5-year-old Maria — and their mom Fatima perished in the disaster.

Five-year-old Maria and 6-year-old Sedra, who died in the quake
Five-year-old Maria and 6-year-old Sedra, who died in the quake, seen in undated photos.
Courtesy of Houssein Akoush

“With a heavy heart and profound grief, I announce the passing away of my two nieces and their mother in last night’s earthquake,” Akoush said on Twitter.

“So, my brother lost his wife and his two daughters,” he told The Daily Beast, adding that his brother has undergone surgery for a broken arm.

“It was a terrible night… I was not able to sleep,” he said.

Syrian rescuers and civilians gather at a collapsed building in the town of Jandairis in Syria.
The death toll across Turkey and Syria has surpassed 11,000.
AFP via Getty Images

In a GoFundMe page from 2020, Akoush wrote that “before the Syrian revolution began, I was a hardworking student. I used to be top of my class but I was obliged to drop out of the School of Dentistry at Aleppo University in 2012 for fear of arrest by the Syrian Government due its violent response to the peaceful protests on campus.

“During the war, I dedicated myself to peaceful activism against the brutal dictatorship of Bashar Al Assad, as I watched friends and family members and innocent civilians being ruthlessly killed,” he continued.

Akoush said he learned English, decided to move to Turkey and became a freelance journalist after facing “a litany of death threats and constant bombardment.”  

Hussein Akoush, 28, a Columbia University student who lost his two nieces and their mom in the earthquake.
“With a heavy heart and profound grief, I announce the passing away of my two nieces and their mother in last night’s earthquake,” Akoush wrote on Twitter.
Twitter / @HousseinAk

“Fortunately, I was awarded a partial scholarship from Columbia to cover half of the tuition but it is still not enough and that is why I am hoping you will make a donation to help pay for my first year of tuition,” he wrote.

Akoush received $51,426 in donations, surpassing his goal of $50,000.

By: Ny Post

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I have to ‘learn to read’ before Barbra Streisand memoir




Lea Michele is poking fun at rumors claiming she can’t read, joking that Barbra Streisand’s memoir release has given her a looming deadline.

“265 days to learn to read,” the “Glee” alum captioned a TikTok shared Wednesday, which showed the actress covering her mouth in a shocked expression.

Michele, 36, leaned out of the video’s frame to show the cover of Streisand’s upcoming memoir, “My Name Is Barbra.”

The 80-year-old singer’s book will be published in November, with her publisher calling it “frank, funny, opinionated, and charming.”

A photo of Lea Michele and Barbra Streisand
Lea Michele joked she wants to “learn to read” before Barbra Streisand’s memoir is released.
Getty Images for DGA

In a press release, Viking wrote, “Barbra Streisand is a living legend, a woman who in a career spanning six decades has excelled in every area of entertainment, and this engrossing and delightful book will be eagerly welcomed by her millions of fans.”

The statement continued, “Dozens of books have been written about Streisand, and now in My Name Is Barbra, she tells her story in her own words.”

Michele’s social media upload, which her followers praised as “iconic” and “funny,” did not mark the first time she has addressed speculation about her reading and writing skills.

The Broadway star called the rumors “sad” in a September 2022 New York Times interview.

Lea Michele covers mouth with shocked expression
The “Glee” alum has “265 days” left.

Lea Michele shows Barbra Streisand cover
The “Glee” alum has “265 days” left.


Lea Michele smiles with shocked expression in front of Barbra Streisand memoir
The “Glee” alum has “265 days” left.


“I think often if I were a man, a lot of this wouldn’t be the case,” she said, pointing out that she showed up to the “Glee” set with her lines memorized “every single day” for six seasons.

Last month, one of Michele’s friends — and former “Scream Queens” co-star” — Emma Roberts played coy about the longstanding gossip on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”

Michele has clapped back at speculation in the past.
Getty Images for SiriusXM

“We have not been in book club together,” the “American Horror Story” alum teased.

However, when Michele began starring in “Funny Girl” on Broadway last year, she received, and presumably read, a “beautiful letter” from Streisand, who once played the role.

“It was very sweet,” Michele gushed to Seth Meyers in December 2022. “She was like, ‘It’s really wonderful when your dreams come true, isn’t it?’”

The Emmy nominee “fell to [her] knees” over the note and immediately called her loved ones.

By: Ny Post

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