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On a recent congregational trip to the Darién Gap in Panama, where tens of thousands of migrants begin their trek to the U.S. southern border, U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wis., noted something remarkable.

Western Union outlets were stationed near migrant camps on either side of the gap, making it easy for relatives of migrants who are already in the United States to wire funds. Security officials say some of those funds are then used to pay off smugglers and members of cartels at various points along the migrants’ trip to America.

Tiffany said he fears the COVID-19 stimulus payments approved by Congress may be driving some of the flow of money.

“They all get paid,” he told Just the News A.M. TV show. “In fact, I suspect that some of those stimulus payments that are going out to illegals here in our country – that $1,400 they qualified for as the result of the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill passed a couple months ago – are probably going back to the smugglers.”

Tiffany isn’t alone in his assessment.

Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan, who served under both Presidents Obama and Trump, said the assertion about the stimulus checks is correct.

“We’ve been saying for a very long time that any type of stimulus or funding going to illegal immigrants is going to end up one of two places,” Morgan explained. “One – it’s going to be utilized to further ongoing illegal immigration. Two – it will end up back in the hands of relatives and friends in their origin countries as remittances. And the numbers bear that out … Mexican GDP is, in fact, reliant upon U.S. remittances.”

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan agreed.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” that the checks have been used to fund cartels who accumulate fortunes in the smuggling industry. He said the decision by the Biden administration and members of Congress to send checks to illegal immigrants essentially is “completing the criminal conspiracy” of trafficking human beings across our border, because it is well understood by members of the government in whose hands the money inevitably ends up.

Though the majority of illegal immigrants currently crashing across the Mexico-U.S. border come from the “Northern Triangle” countries, which include Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, the chain begins hundreds of miles to the south in countries with relaxed visa laws that more easily permit migrants to arrive undetected and begin their travel north.

Exact numbers are unknown, but one estimate pegs the death toll of people crossing the gap at 10%. Sexual assault and rape are also rampant along the jungle route.

Tiffany said he was told by the Border Patrol during his Memorial Day weekend trip to Panama that the pattern “goes much deeper, that this isn’t just Mexico and Central America, but all the way down to South America.”

“We just saw misery,” he said in describing the people he saw making the journey across the 60 mile stretch of water, jungle, and mountainous terrain that divides North and South America. “We saw people with trench foot, we saw people that were pre-gangrenous with their feet looking as though they were about to fall off … and many of these people said that if they had known what it was going to be like, they probably would have stayed in their home countries.”

Homan called the Darién Gap a “significant weakness” to U.S. national security because criminal and terror elements have more free rein in the area. Tiffany agreed.

“If Vice President Harris is truly serious about being the point person for the administration, in regards to border security, she needs to go south of the Northern Triangle, because it starts with the Darién Gap,” he said.

Beyond a forthcoming meeting between Harris and heads of Northern Triangle countries, it is entirely unclear that the administration has any concrete plans to confront the border issue.

Tiffany said his trip confirmed that that Biden/Harris administration’s actions reviewing President Trump’s immigration policies motivated the dramatic influx of migrants to the United States seen since January.

“We asked them ‘Why are you coming here now?’ and they said, ‘because the Southern Border is open,'” Tiffany recalled. “The signal was sent on January 20, you can now come to America. Many of these people were leading decent lives, they’re not people that should be asylees or are suffering from economic hardship.”



CNN Mocks Parents for Not Wanting Their Children Indoctrinated



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‘Straight into ENEMY FIRE’: Dick Durbin plays D-Day card when discussing… Dem plan to end FILIBUSTER?!



There is more hyperbole in the Senate than there are GRAINS OF SAND IN THE KNOWN OR UNKNOWN UNIVERSE. But sometimes it goes beyond ridiculous exaggeration and achieves “blatantly offensive.” Something known to happen especially in the case of one Dick Durbin, dramatist and self-regard enthusiast.

Here, Durbin is discussing the dumb Democrat plan to eradicate the filibuster and achieve ultimate power (for a while, until they aren’t the majority) and rather than realizing his shortsightnedness, he ups the debate about a hundred notches from its already absurdly high level of rhetoric and invokes the Greatest Generation and their sacrifices at one of history’s most significant military actions: D-Day.

Really, Dick? Tyranny? Running straight into enemy fire? PRESERVE DEMOCRACY?

It is better, folks, to not invoke Hitler or the troops or dying in battle or, you know, any MAXIMUM MOMENT when you’re talking about something like senate procedures. You can’t go around claiming you want to “cool” the “rhetoric” and be “bipartisan” when you’re assigning people to the roles of Nazi and Liberator in your little Risk-inspired passion play. Okay?

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Arizona Audit

Biden Uses Department Of Justice In Attempt To Shutdown Ballot Audit



The Attorney General of Arizona Mark Brinovich sent a letter to US Attorney General Merrick B. Garland after his comments about the Arizona ballot audit.

“Late last week, you made troubling comments about the ongoing efforts in states to censure election integrity. Your statement displayed an alarming disdain for state sovereignty,” wrote Brinovich.

Previously, Garland announced that the Justice Department will scrutinize election audits to make sure they “abide by federal requirement.” Garland said that the audits are based on disinformation and that they are using “abnormal post-election audit methodologies that may put the integrity of the voting process at risk and undermine public confidence in our democracy.”

That is disinformation, a judge is overseeing the audit and approved of the method used to conduct the audit.

In his letter, Brnovich noted that the State’s Senate has the authority to conduct any review is wishes.

“My office is not amused by the DOJ’s posturing and will not tolerate any effort to undermine or interfere with our State Senate’s audit to reassure Arizonans of the accuracy of our elections,” Brnovich wrote.

“We stand ready to defend federalism and state sovereignty against any partisan attacks or federal overreach. … Arizona will not sit back and let the Biden administration abuse its authority, refuse to uphold laws, or attempt to commandeer our state’s sovereignty.”

The hand count review of ballots is almost done, meanwhile Republicans in Fulton County, Georgia are preparing a review of all absentee ballots cast in the November election. Just like in Arizona, auditors are working with the courts to put an accurate audit method together.

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