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‘9-1-1’ Fans React To Big “Buddie” Moment In Season 6 Preview: “The Marketing Team Knew Exactly What They Were Doing”

We’re still a week away from reuniting with the 118, but 9-1-1 fans are already screaming over Buck (Oliver Stark) and Eddie (Ryan Guzman). I mean, who else?!

Ahead of the show’s return on March 6, Fox released a short recap on the first nine episodes of Season 6 and gave a quick glimpse at what’s to come. The final 20 seconds of the preview show scenes from the upcoming Episode 10, “In A Flash,” and boy are they intense. A huge storm rolls in over Los Angeles, and as the 118 are out on duty a massive bolt of lightning strikes a fire truck ladder, sending Buck flying. As he hurtles to the ground, we see Eddie screaming “BUCK!” followed by Buck’s limp body dangling by a rope from the ladder. I’m sorry, are you KIDDING me?!

Obviously, 9-1-1 fans are concerned for Buck’s safety, but the dominating reactions to the clip are mostly focused on ANOTHER major storyline for the fandom’s beloved ship: Buddie. For the uninitiated, Buddie refers to Buck and Eddie, the two firefighters and adorable besties who fans are begging to see kiss. Since Eddie came into the picture in Season 2, he and Buck have been through so much together. They love each other like brothers (OR MORE, if fans get their way). They regularly share heart-to-hearts. Buck is like a parent to Eddie’s son, Christopher (Gavin McHugh). And the two have been there for each other through breakups, family drama, work stress, and frankly far too many near-death experiences.

Remember when Eddie was shot and Buck literally crawled under the firetruck to save him? When the two were held at gunpoint? Or when Buck screamed for Eddie after a — wait for it — LIGHTNING BOLT struck and trapped him in an underground well?! Now it’s Eddie’s turn to scream for Buck, and the final moments of the preview prove 9-1-1‘s writers and cast are well aware fans have Buddie on the brain.

After the clip dropped, fans poured over the Buddie scenes by tweeting everything from “WE WON” and emotional fancams of the duo to an old exchange between Buck and Eddie that feels particularly relevant right now. It’s like the universe is screaming at them or something! Right?!

Will Buck go into a coma when Season 6 returns? Will he make it out of this near-death experience alive? Will Eddie get struck by lightning trying to rescue his boy? And, crucially, will we have to watch these two date more women in Season 6?

We’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the season unfolds. But what we do know right now is 9-1-1‘s marketing team knows how to get fans’ attention. Season 6 of 9-1-1 can’t return fast enough.

9-1-1 is currently available to stream on Hulu.

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By: Ny Post



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